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The Koreans from Samsung company decided to buy another company in order to improve the photo camera on their phones

Http:// - All about the technique of Samsung 10.02.2019 at 00:00

All about the technique of Samsung

In a network there was pretty interesting news. It turns out that the Korean company Samsung clearly has not kept pace with the market and may already own to keep up the pace of development of new video cameras. How to solve the problem you need to recruit more employees, but all professionals have long been sitting on good jobs and earn good money, so find a good specialist in a narrow field is not an easy task. The Koreans have gone a more interesting way, they decided not to buy employees one by one and decided to buy a profitable for employees of a firm, which is engaged in the development of photo sensors. As a result, the employees of the company Corephotonics, if the deal goes through will receive a higher salary and stable job in the near future. From this convergence, as if all the benefits are. If Samsung really will improve the quality of their cameras, then sales will go up, because now when you buy the phone a very carefully approach to the selection of a photo sensor in a cell phone. Than photos camera better this phone to sell. On the market a lot of companies is committed to improving the quality photo cameras, but they are very expensive, but the company Corephotonics is quite expensive for Koreans, which is actually all it analytical news service trumpeting. The company Corephotonics is in Israel, just as the specialists of the company developed a photo Oppo camera with 10x zoom. The company has over 150 patents in the field of development and production of photo sensors. All of these patents and development you can easily use the new photo cameras the Samsung. For example, if the Koreans will buy the company Corephotonics, they will buy the same technology of production of photo cameras at 25 magnification with no loss in quality. If the transaction is successful, only time will tell, but if the company still decides to sell themselves, it is not so expensive, just about $ 150 million, it is mere pennies for the Korean giant in the IT industry. We will track information on a possible merger of the two companies and if something new appears, you will learn about it first from our readers.