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A woman from Australia was faced with an angry Yovi

News of cryptozoology 09.02.2019 at 09:46

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A Resident of Australia told an amazing story of its collision with an angry Joey, who, according to her, violently pushed her down the hill! The woman decided not to give his name, told about his meeting Dean Harrison's Australian research centre Joey, studying the infamous "hairy man" who, according to aboriginal legends, in ancient times lived throughout the mountain ranges of Eastern Australia.

Many people automatically compare Joey with the Himalayan Yeti or "Sasquatch" in North America. Australian relict hominid is described as bipedal, hairy and muscular humanoids, whose growth reaches 2.5 meters.

According to the woman, this incident happened in 1990, but "I think about him every day" since, as it happened. And it happened in Woree, a suburb of the city of Cairns, when she walked along the path on the hillside. A few steps from her was a man. However, when she came to a fork in the trail and looked up, he saw that it was a "hairy man" or something, hell", which looked down, watching someone or something.

unfortunately for the woman, Joey noticed her. Caught off guard, he suddenly straightened and stared straight at her. She noticed that he had huge limbs and whole body was covered with hair, except the face and part of the chest. "He was so like the man she remembers. I was wondering then: Why is someone in a gorilla suit?"

a Brief moment of confusion was quickly broken. The beast clenched his fists, uttered a menacing roar and rushed at her. The woman tried to escape, but Joey easily caught up with her and a powerful impetus threw the hill. Ride down the slope, she was able to get to his feet, quickly climbed the nearest fence, ran onto the field and, eventually, got to my car. During the escape the woman dared to look back, but saw no signs of pursuit.

the Witness remembers well that hair the creature was reddish-orange and it was "very similar to the gorilla." What surprised her is the face of Joey, which was perfectly human, except for a distinctly flat nose. His hands are estimated to be women, were about one and a half times longer than human and it seemed that they reached his knees. "He could easily rip my head off, a woman still does not believe that she is so lucky, and she was unharmed, he was so big and strong, it neveroyatno".