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Russian VR-hire starts with "Effect Kessler" The article 06.02.2019 at 03:38

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In late January, Russian first VR cinema our first VR cinema officially premiered the first domestic VR film, VR is aimed at full rental (up to this picture for some time was shown in not final version). Starring "Effect Kessler" - Yury Kolokolnikov and Irina Starshenbaum.

"Interactive adventure animated movie in the format of virtual reality in which the viewer interacts directly with well-known actors, he is one of the main characters can affect the plot and the ending," - position "Effect Kessler" its creators, abutting at once on two features of its ambitious project: the choice and immersion. In the hands of the audience – joysticks, providing the first hat that guarantees the second.

You probably have already encountered – if not in various game zones. The fundamental difference between this half-hour tape – it starts in less than a Russian box office this kind of pictures. That is, with a dedicated under this business room with a grid of sessions with prospects for growth. Sounds, of course, for our seats are unusually cool.

the Frame of the VR-film "Effect Kessler"

"Effect Kessler", according to the Director Anton Utkin, offers a "history of acute accommodation available in the life of the moment," as any fiction film. The action takes place on a space ship, garbage trucks, whose team is encouraged by the proposed the best contract – but in the process it turns out that all is not so simple as it seemed at first. It comes even before that of the heroes of the declared terrorists, and above the earth hangs a deadly threat and save all are Autonomous military robot under the code name "Aurora" in a steel shell which get used for a while, the viewer.

Despite the stated ambitions, it is still not a movie, but still entertaining ride, sort of our "Mahatma Gandhi" in the world of VR, which is Oh, how far is it to "Pixar" (and even more so immeasurably far from the "Gravity", the story associated with issued here in the name of the Kessler effect). Here, if put it mildly, not a perfect animation, motion capture done so myself (at least, for the world, which this year will celebrate a decade of "Avatar"), why look best not the main characters, and the motionless Teddy bear on the bridge and Sergey Yushkevich, live, appearing at a crucial moment in the monitor.

There are too many conversations, however, the scenario attempt not only to entertain but also to raise at the same time social problems (mechanic green at home killed a family, captain Bert brown left worried about her daughter) leaves, except that the feeling of embarrassment. "Everybody lies" - tells visible only "special vision" is the inscription; at the fork we have either arisen to aggravate the aggression, or to pacify the dispute; and as it comes to the fact that someone will have to sacrifice themselves choose, of course, soulless piece of iron...

However, it is impossible not to admit that looking at all of this painted world in its own way carries – and in the end of the allotted session time flies by.

Teaser VR film "Effect Kessler"

Seriously recommend this movie it would be strange – it is interesting all the same only as a new experience (so symbolic its name!), but not as works of art. But the less: Yes the first pancake – not so scary that it is lumpy.

itself is Much more important initiative in Russia prepare network VR-cinema - and it is obvious that the first person who correctly will ride this wave, will get a Royal flush on the hands: a promising business, the cinema of the future. The conversation in this regard should not be about a specific film, with its pluses and minuses (which is more), and opens before us the horizon.

But it is time to share information from the press release. Network VR cinema "ImpulseVR" launched in December of last year. Yet the six cinemas with 72 bedrooms personal rooms – and not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg but also in other cities of the country. In the capital, "Effect Kessler" show at the Center for contemporary art "MARS", the future is agreed a strategic partnership with the network of shopping centres "MEGA". The intention is obvious: to become the largest network of VR cinema in Russia and the CIS. Why not? Someday we will still come – it is time to start!

Actress Irina Starshenbaum, directed by Anton Utkin, the actor Nikita Elenev at the premiere of the VR-film "Effect Kessler"

"the Key feature of the project — a unique VR content that combines traditional adventure with an interesting plot and famous actors and VR game with deep immersion and interactivity," write the PR, and if the way it is – success is not far off. Because the point is, I think, in this issue a variety of repertoire (expect, of course, primarily a sensational film Inarritu "Flesh and sand", received a special "Oscar") and imputed prices (to shoot down that while it is possible with "Thank you from Sberbank").

it's a brave new world of virtual reality!.. Someone is close, but most probably even strangers!.. "About how wonderful discoveries we prepare you," said the poet would certainly advance admiring not plowed more field experiments and anticipating with pleasure a noble harvest.