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Rebranding Contact to be closer, or Why now Contact is more than just remittances press releases 03.02.2019 at 21:00

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Contact is a payment system that works since 1999 and is the first Russian money transfer system.

QIWI Bank (JSC) is the operator of the Contact system and performs organizational, settlement and clearing, information and technical functions. At present Contact is one of the leaders in the global money transfer market.

180 countries, 500 000 points 1 000 partners 12 000 providers.

on the Eve of the 20th anniversary of the team Contact has decided that the current "health brand" may begin to deteriorate if it is not done to restart immediately.

the Most important thing in the life of every

Every year to Russia for work come more than 300 thousand people from the CIS countries and Central Asia. They do this not so much for personal gain, often they are driven by the desire to provide for his family and loved ones who stayed at Home. Between migrant workers and their families often have a strong emotional connection.

the Money transfer is no longer just money. Now this is a way to transfer heat at a distance, to support family, take care of the family and actively participate in the lives of loved ones. Therefore, we provide fast and reliable money transfer, but at the same time, we see this service much more.


not about the "sender" and "recipient", and about his loving family; not about the "movement of funds", and about the relationship between native people.

the People value — not money, but happiness is close

In place of the slogan of the previous generation — "Send with confidence!" came new slogans reflecting the eternal values: Contact is to be closer; a Contact — on your side.

the Main goal for us is to keep happiness in the families who were separated by distance. We must help them to feel a connection with each other despite the separation.

up with the

it Became obvious that the internal change in the essence of the brand is in need of external transformation. In the nearly 20-year history of the payment system's logo was changed several times, but always remained recognizable and quite active. The challenge for creative agencies, "Advertising Boulevard" was put thus: to introduce a new logo to a cursory glance it could feel everything: the friendliness, reliability and care with which Contact helps you to be closer to my family even at a distance.

a New Contact is still the same reliable partner and assistant, as before, only even better, to help to be closer.

To become a participant of the payment system Contact contact us:

tel: +7 (495) 287-1006; e-mail: