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VTB offers its clients to increase the return on deposits press releases 07.02.2019 at 08:58

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VTB Bank improves conditions by selecting "Savings" in the framework of its flagship product "Multicarta". Now it applies not only to savings accounts, but deposits. Thus, investors can increase yield (increase of 1.5 percentage points), doing the usual daily transactions.

the Reward on the option is available in the form of monthly payments when making purchases for the sum from 5 thousand roubles. The more transactions commits holder of multicarta, the higher the level of income he receives on the balance of the term Deposit or savings account. The calculation of commissions is based on the amount of the total minimum balance on savings accounts and term deposits in roubles for a calendar month, but not more than 1.5 million rubles. To activate the option "Saving" in the mobile Bank "VTB" Online, by phone or at the nearest branch of the Bank.

"VTB gives the customer the ability to choose best option within the "Multimap". For example, the owner of the Deposit "Profitable" can increase annual yield from 7.16% to 8.66%, just by activating the option "Savings" and making their everyday payments. The same scheme can increase the maximum yield on the savings account to 8.5% per annum when placing funds from 12 month. For customers of the segment of "Privilege" fee can be up to 2% per annum in the total amount of purchases by "Multicarta Privilege" in the amount of 150 thousand rubles per month", — said Yulia Demenyuk, senior Vice President, Deputy head of retail products VTB.