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Webinar November 19, Monday, at 20-30

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 17.11.2018 at 16:40

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Invite you to the webinar "I white and fluffy, but the whole world is against me!". Meet on Monday, November 19, 20-30.

record of group coaching sessions on the theme "Create your new reality!", held 12 Nov, read here >>

I Want to say that I was immensely pleased that all our calls respond OUR people. Our club members, forum members...

Slowly, but they went on a psychological and astrological advice to Irina and Xenia. Among those who attend my webinars on the topic of coaching, is also more of our people. In transformational game "Master of transformation" too, responded only ours! This, my friends, suggests that you are ready for the job more than anyone else. That is what we are talking many years, fell on fertile ground.

You do not expect a magic wand, and realize that it is necessary to do something themselves. And this is despite the fact that almost all of you have our wonderful helpers - unimodularity.

I Want to believe that in your forward movement there are a certain amount of our participation.

this Monday, see you at the webinar "I white and fluffy, but the whole world is against me"

what is it?

the Topic we will discuss a very interesting and ambiguous. We will talk about the biggest reason we are often unable to get out of certain trouble. It can be anything, ranging from health, finishing material and social well-being.

This is called a "secondary gain".

the Issue of secondary benefits is very thin, and sometimes even painful. Often this approach generally causes disagreement and rejection! But as they say, "through thorns to the stars".

We go to the dentist and we also sometimes hurt, but as well then!

the log-in Link webinknow room

!!! Come 15 minutes before the start time to connect to chat.

If there are any technical problems such as "not seen, not heard", simply reload the page.

In our chat you can connect anonymously with any invented email address.

If something doesn't work out, then you can always go from a video that is webinare room, on my YouTube channel, which also will be webcast and the chat. For this it is necessary to press in the lower right corner of the broadcast on the YouTube icon. There is also a chat and you can write.

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