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Webinar-workshop on working with EM centaur 25 November at 13: 00

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 25.11.2018 at 17:11

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Friends, our webinar "Workshop on work with EM centaur" did not take place.

the Reason is simple - came only ONE person - Michael Romashenko, thank him for that.

Still had two members, me and Svetlana.

don't think I'm complaining about something or dissatisfied with something. Surely you had good reasons not to attend this webinar.

by the Way, these reasons, you may not even be aware of, because this could be the work of your reptilian brain.

Because its main task is to protect us from any danger, protecting our peace and stability. As they say, though carcass, though lying on the sofa with TV remote in hand, just to be alive!

And the generation of new knowledge, especially knowledge relating to the achievement of the objectives is the danger!

to achieve the objectives it is necessary to do something even unimodularly, and any action is tense, anxious, in a sense, the unknown, and therefore dangerous. So the reptilian brain commands the body to freeze and do nothing to change the situation. It's easier and safer.

"do not go There, the snow gets chump!" - tells us the reptilian brain.

This does not mean that you do nothing at all. No, you're doing a whole slew of useful things - at home, on the farm, for yourself, for your family. But you don't do the main thing - that could radically change your life, maybe that is what is dangerous.

here I was advised to renew the lottery for webinars, but I don't want anyone to lure the lottery. I respect you, so I don't want to think that you come only for his winnings.

by the Way, we face the people who have almost a full set of EM won in our sweepstakes.

so, I make another attempt to invite you to the webinar.

this time on Saturday, 1 December, at 17.00.

the Theme will be slightly different:

Quote: "Practical work with EM Unicorn". If you remember, the Unicorn we call "Wishmaster" and that's why he becomes anomodontia month in the new year December.

But the Unicorn is not a magic wand that grants wishes by magic. Is the modulator which should work a certain way on a particular technology.

So we're going to talk about the fulfillment of desires, achievement of goals, but with the position of those new to this timesmany that I have received over the past two years and continue to receive.

of Course, for an hour and a half or two, I can't give you the technology with purpose, but you will understand:

why not always and not everyone turns to achieve the goals that need to start working with goals, what conditions must be observed to ensure that the target was indeed achieved. In this way we have not talked about the conscious working with unimodularly. After all, we are talking about the level of interaction with our devices, which we call conscious. It's just the same "the Secrets of working with EM", which everyone wanted to know. Or it seemed to me. :-D

If you now want to begin to understand the knowledge on how to work with their life tasks and goals, join:

► to my community in Facebook "Semicoking as a way of life"

► to my closed group "New life on Monday".

There is a lot of useful material that you can take and apply though this seconds.

In a closed group posted webinars that I conduct as part of its program "a New life on Monday". They are not freely available.

besides, I plan to conduct in late November-early December intensive on this subject. If my plans come to fruition, the reference to the intensity I, of course, the ladies.

Move forward, despite the obstacles that give us the reptilian brain, and you will be happy!

All references and conditions for participation in the webinar December 1, the same as today. You find them post below.

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