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Unimodular months in December, a Unicorn.

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 24.12.2018 at 22:50

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Friends, once again I invite you to master class "me and my goal in 2019". The meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 26, 19-30.

You know what is the main reason why your desires are not fulfilled?

the Answer is - no desires, when one is living alone needs. No desires and nothing to be fulfilled. I've already talked about this dozens of times.

this is Due to the very heavy layers of limiting thinking that darkens your life and taking away your life energy.

you Can hang round with garlands modulators, beat a dozen Unicorns, Owls and Sails, but did not have any significant result.

Yes, of course, they will help you situation. Today you took the Owl to solve any problem in government agencies, tomorrow - in order to successfully pass the exam, the day after tomorrow something another...

But is THIS the goal, reaching which, you will radically change your life?

do you Know what you want, really?

will Not repeat all the text written about this. It's here >>

Recommend to go to pochitai it if you are going to be on the master calsses. This is very important.

read More

the fact that there are certain rules of execution of desires or achievement of goals, without which nothing happens. They just need to know and be able to apply. And we're talking about that first year.

How to understand your true desire... How to stop living someone else's life and remain locked with someone else's desires... How to make a wish come true right, the way you want... How to negotiate with your unconscious about the wish fulfillment... How to run the Universe. So, what we would be doing the master class.

You've probably heard the term energy of the group. Our master class will be a group where all who are able to get into it, will take an active part. To sit in the shade no one will succeed.

In the group, even online, is the exchange of energy and ideas, the responses of some participants to stimulate the imagination of others. Everything is easy and fun, almost a game.

Our tool for understanding yourself and your goals will be a metaphorical Association cards (MAC). With their assistance simply to get to the depths of his subconscious and get out the knowledge about yourself, your true desires, that hinders us and what helps that had been unavailable. And even to develop a plan for the next actions easily help MAC.

MAK include our creative thinking, the imagination, arouse the subconscious!

in short, I suggest you use a magical pre-Christmas time in order to develop or at least outline the right direction, which is necessary to move to success in the new year.

the Technical side of the question:

in order To fully participate in the master class it is necessary to have an account on YouTube - at least empty, just registered, maybe the meeting is taking place through the service of YouTube Hangouts.

If you go to the Google Chrome browser , Hangouts, you should work by default.

For other browsers, you may need a special plugin.

Therefore, in order to avoid trouble to go from your Chrome browser to the link -

If you do not have a channel on YouTube or for some reason does not work Hangouts, you can just be a spectator on the link -

Waiting for you December 26, Wednesday, at 19.30 on the master class "me and my goal of 2019!"