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New year ritual "Execution of desires"

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 30.12.2018 at 23:24

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Friends, I invite you to spend a wonderful new year ritual, which will help you concentrate on your desires and goals!

If you didn't come to my master class, "I and my goal in 2019", then at least spend this new year's ritual. For your desires and goals it will be very useful, I assure you.

If for some reason you do not have time to do it before the New year or even after midnight (also possible), there's still Christmas. Also would be great!

Oh, and another Old new year, of course.

by the Way, rituals is a very useful thing. Remember how we "talk" with unimodularly. Actually we weren't talking to the modulator, and with yourself, with your subconscious, but this ritual allows us to engage in the process more actively and impact that is important.

Vernulsa with our new year's ritual.

Before him to take, ask yourself the question - do you feel yourself a happy man or not?

After all, each man happiness is something different.

For one happiness - to Wake up in the morning to see the sky, the sun, snow or even rain.

To the other, understanding that he has children and grandchildren. I assure you that not everyone is so lucky.

For the third one, his four-legged friends.

so many reasons you can find in order to feel happy.

Think and write down all the reasons why you can be happy.

But I will offer you a few questions:

►you Have a roof over your head?

►you Have loved ones?

►You walk on your feet?

►You are with your hands?

►you Have something to do in this life?

If your answers are YES, then do you think you're a happy person or not?

Well, now let's move on to our ritual. Create yourself a good mood!

read Carefully what is written below. But the main thing - do it!


1. Write on a piece of paper all the desires, which only come to mind. Don't think about them. Don't criticize them. Don't think they are real or not. Write everything in a row. Arrange a kind of brainstorming.

2. Then prepare a beautiful sheet of paper, can be in the form of an ancient scroll. Such a blank can be found in pictures with Yandex. But just in case, I'll give you a couple of reference to take pictures.

Print out any sheet of paper to write on it their desires.

3. Now select from the list of their desires are those who, in your opinion, should be made mandatory in the foreseeable period of time (one month - three months - six months to a year).

4. Rewrite these chosen desires, objectives (now objectives) this is a beautiful sheet of paper with colored markers. But leave some space because you might have a couple of wishes that you want to include in this list.

5. Locate your photo. Where you like myself. Cut it out and stick on the worksheet wherever you like.

6. Now hang your scroll with the desires on the visible place so that your look periodically it stayed.

7. Definitely at least once a day look in this list and comprehend it. Of course, if you have the opportunity to read your desires out loud at least sometimes, will be very cool!

Why is it necessary?

it's very simple.

So you will continue to work with your desires and goals. You them comprehend, rethink, change a little in accordance with your life situation. It's possible that your goals are somewhat transformirovalsya. You realize that wanted is not quite what was planned initially. And maybe even completely wrong!

And that's okay!

Making this kind of ritual, you will prepare yourself and the Space to the very important work - the embodiment of your desires in life.

Quote: don't forget to bring this process modulators. Quote: Especially such as Unicorn, Owl, Sail, Fairy, Phoenix, Briz-P.

They will help to activate and create conditions for the emergence of a speedy result. And another tip, especially for those who will be ashamed of their loved ones - as if they thought that, like, you're a little crazy )))

Attract to this game for their younger family members - children or grandchildren. Arrange a kind of family ritual that will unite all! So you will create for a festive mood and won't look in the eyes of the strange household.

When and what will start to happen, I guess, you ask?

All purely individual. But a lot depends on you. If you will not leave this process to the mercy of fate after the New year, and will track it further, thus, you are going to feed their energy.

How can we influence the results?

Only by his attention to this process of keeping a journal, tracking what is happening, reformatting desires and goals, etc.

the Main thing - go for it!

All we wish Health, happiness, success, fulfillment of desires and achievement of goals!

the Unicorn to help you!

about the rest of unimodular don't forget.

Unicorn - the contractor desires...

for More details about the EM Unicorn.

Magical scroll for you:

And even some beautiful svetcov: