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Unimodularity of the month in January - the Owl and the Sail!

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 01.01.2019 at 23:08

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Friends, unimodularly month in January to become the Owl and the Sail! 20% discount off the base price!

Until January 31, you may purchase UM the Owl and the Sail with 20% discount, which is 2520,0 rubles.


Remember that for members of the club discount stack with discount club, and for partners an online store with their partner 10% discount!

the Time of miracles is not yet over. Ahead of Christmas, Old New year, Chinese new year, so work with your desires and goals you will have the opportunity again and again.

by the Way, to help wonderful ritual which will be adjusted for the realization of their desires and goals.

to get Acquainted with the ritual >>

seriously, we want such a wonderful time, wish fulfillment has become your whole life. And for this we need only to master simple technology to work with your own subconscious mind, which is perfectly combined with interaction with such unimodularly, like a Unicorn, Fairy, Owl, Sail, Phoenix and others.

of Course, without the knowledge of this technology you have modulators that something is bound to happen on a situational level. However, apart from specific situations where we need help, almost all have the important goal to achieve which we would like. It can be a goal of the near future or even very nearest. Here's the handy the same technology, about which I am talking, because the traffic for such purposes - it is a process that should be able to organize.

If you master this technology, the wonders you will never end. Because a wizard yourself!

a Few words about unimodular Owl and the Sail.

These unimodularity a worthwhile purchase if you understand quite clearly exactly what you want to achieve as a result of working with them. Although clues can come and during the process of interaction.

So, uh Owl - an indispensable tool in very complex, sometimes even conflicting situations. It is especially useful in negotiations (no matter at what level) as it helps to establish understanding between people.

And no miracles in this, actually, no. If EM Owl helps its owner to form an adequate picture of the world, it is natural that he (the owner) will act more appropriately, more correct and sustainable for ourselves and for others.

EM Sail helps us move in the right direction, not afraid of personal responsibility and not to miss offer life opportunities.

Figuratively speaking, it allows anyone who wishes, to gradually change their "sail direct to slant" and learn to safely "walk against the wind" in all life's seas and oceans without the risk to run aground!

Want to master the technology of production and development goals - join my community on Facebook "Semicoking as a way of life" >>

on this basis I have contact with everyone on this topic, post materials, report on activities.

also Join my group "New life Monday >>

the Group is closed, we communicate.

the Time takes forever. Do not postpone for tomorrow what should have been done yesterday!

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