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Holiday contest stories!

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 13.01.2019 at 20:13

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

12 Feb KEITH will be celebrating another birthday! He will be 22 years old! In this regard, announced a writing contest stories, which will continue until 28 February! In our contest awarded to ALL!

so, this is the 10th round of our contest for the most interesting, amazing and incredible story about interacting with unimodularly Lab Infotech.

in Front of you for six weeks! So time to gather my thoughts there.

You may ask, why posted only 8 rounds? What happened to the 9th round?

unfortunately, I forgot about it, although all the materials were prepared. As they say, and good marksman may miss.

Promise to do all a gift and put IX tour to the birthday club, that is, by 12 February.

by the Way, gifts write their history from the 9th round will be required.

If you remember, in the autumn we announced a competition for the video review! But much to our disappointment, the proposal did not cause any resonance.

Video testimonial sent by one person only! Of course, he, or rather she got the gift that I choose. As promised.

it is Not clear why competition for the video review has caused a General stupor. Really, no one was able to say a few words about their results and record them on video? Under our present technical potential is at least strange.

the Conditions of competition.

1. In the written competition is very simple!

You, as usual, send your story by email, or post it on the forum (but notify me in PM), or bring her a hand-written note to the office.

2. Everyone who wrote a story will receive a gift - unimodular or mandala.

What kind of gift we define. Therefore, the word "competition", as you know, sounds in this context very conditional.


Those who send your feedback in one of our groups in social networks - either in the VC or FB directly from your account, will have the opportunity to choose a gift according to their desire (and the Owl, and the Sail, and the breeze-7).

in the VC Group "Tools for human development" >>

Community FB "ROO Club KIT" >>

* Send stories to the social network via the button the MESSAGE directly in the group or in writing to one of email addresses marked "for social networks". We will respond and think about how best to place your opinion.

Those who for whatever reason can't trust their story to social networks, but give permission to talk about it in the video clip with your own photo and name will get in addition to the main gift new Octopus.

Yes, you heard right, we will soon have Octopus in the new golograficheskie, performance! Just super, what beauties!

So to work there for that!

3. Please sign your letters are valid names and names.

a Letter signed by a pseudonym or nickname, to consideration will not be accepted.

*** If You do not want Your name published, we will sign your story initials (although for us it's not cool).

!!! Friends, we urge you to share your results.

Your experience which helps the beginner to properly use the modulators and also to comprehend what happens to them when interacting with these devices. There are situations in something similar, why not use the experience of those who have already worked out the situation.

Well, those who are only going to buy modulators, helping to make the right choice.

the Most pleasant for us is that many of those who are miles away from Moscow and get EM in the mail, almost immediately set off to work with modulators consciously, not hoping that someone or something will do everything for them, and knowing that most have to make the effort to achieve the desired result. This also has the merit of those who generously shared their experiences of using unimodular.

This suggests that our collective unconscious has undergone tremendous changes.

If until recently, many referred to his life and to what is happening rather passive, it now comes to us the understanding that responsibility for it needed to take, beloved. And that there is no such (device, device, person, etc.) that will make us happy without our participation. There are only ASSISTANTS!

And even greater to you, friends, please!

do Not think and decide for others.

You just tell us about unimodular, give information. And the people themselves will decide.

Remember, if these devices benefited you, then bring it and your loved ones, friends and colleagues.

If only you knew how often we hear "what a pity that we previously didn't know about it!"

this is What our new video "a Chance to change life or information for the elite?"

Watch the video >>

I Want to say a few words about the coming year 2019.

I must say that this year will be not easy. And not because of some dramatic political or social events, but because of what awaits us on the domestic plan, which restructuring processes.

this year will not be able to sit in my happy place.

This year, when the old war with the new!

Energy this year, call us to action against in the first place.

to Do them on all plans!

have to engage in your physical body. You will see the result quickly even with the slightest effort - just a few weeks.

If you have not haunted by a latent desire to understand yourself, do not neglect it!

do Not procrastinate.

be Sure to understand!

►Who you are.

►Where you are now.

►Where you go.

►what live.

don't let this year your inner dream die!

don't let this year your Soul despair!

don't let this year's doubts overcome you.

It's time to understand what matters to you, and

to accept it.

the Main act. Invest in new knowledge, new skills.

will always help You with our wonderful, kind and smart unimodularity, which this year is needed more than ever!

And we are also always available!

I - Elena Savushkina, Irina, Ksenia, Svetlana, and of course, Yuri Mikhailovich, always with you and ready to help!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or and we always reply.

the history of all 8 rounds of our competition you will find at this link >>