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The markets of Latin America are waiting for positive talks between the US and China in Beijing

Forex Club 12.02.2019 at 09:02

Latin American investors are waiting for the next meeting on trade issues between the US and China, which will be held February 14-15 in Beijing. In addition, they expect that the American side will once again postpone the introduction of increased import duties on Chinese goods in the United States, which had previously planned to introduce on 1 March.

investors Also hope that the US will be able to avoid another suspension of the work of Federal agencies from February 15, as the American political parties agreed in General terms on the issue of border security in the southern United States.

however, in the longer term, market participants remain concerned about the prospects of development of world economy. They fear that a reduction in the rate of growth of world GDP can lead, in particular, and to a drop in demand for oil.

meanwhile, oil prices have a chance to rise on the back of production cuts by OPEC+, and also due to the actions of the us sanctions against Iran and Venezuela. At the same time, oil production in the USA are at record levels, continues to cause concern to the bidders.

Alone among the countries in the Latin American region still is Venezuela, which continues to incur large losses because of U.S. economic sanctions. However, now in the country there were hopes that the sanctions against the Venezuelan oil and gas sector may be weakened, say financial scouts.

as for Brazil, the positivity of the investors regarding the Brazilian stock market raise expectations that the international rating Agency S&P may raise the ratings of Brazil over the next two years.

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