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Review: global markets expect a complete "shutdown", the Euro-dollar adjusted upwards

Forex Club 12.02.2019 at 15:43

On the global financial markets on Tuesday February 12 it was noted positive trends in the dynamics of stock indices. Investors act out of expectations of a compromise with regard to the approval of the US budget for the current year.

So, the representatives of Democrats and Republicans in the us Congress in General have reached an agreement regarding the protection of the borders in the southern United States. This can help you to avoid another suspension of work of Federal agencies ("shutdown") on 15 February, when it discussed the budget.

Earlier Donald trump, insisting on the allocation of funds for the construction of a wall with Mexico, has not signed the budget, limited to a temporary document until 15 February.

it is Also the expectations of investors connected with the expectations of reaching the commercial truce between the US and China. Before March 1, they must be achieved or will be a mutual duty. Currently consultations are underway ahead of a possible meeting of the leaders of the US and China for the signing of the trading world.

the Major U.S. stock indexes on these expectations in early trading increased by 0.9-1.1 percent. Western European stock indexes on Tuesday evening has grown on 0,1-1,1%..

Regional markets, in addition to hopes for the us-Chinese trade truce, drew attention to the growth of net profit, the largest steelmaker in Germany, ThyssenKrupp. For the first quarter of 2018-2019 financial year ended 31 December, the index rose 1.5% to 145 million euros.

the Euro against the dollar was adjusted up to the mark of 1.13 after a few days of falling from the level of about 1.15. However, the positive expectations for the US and multiple problems in the economy and politics of Europe support the us currency.

To 18.16 MSK Euro rose relative to the previous fixing by 0.1%, trading around 1,1291 dollar.

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