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What will become of clothes in the future? :.: Article 11.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Our eyes are now formed in the direction of clothes, which will be a mass at the end of this century or early next. While the individual elements of futuristic clothing we can see on the exhibitions organized well-known fashion designers. Taking into account the latest scientific achievements in the field of materials for clothing the models are created, which may be considered in demand even now. The emphasis is that the clothing should be not only beautiful, but also practical, durable, has a number of functions, unknown in our time. According to some predictions of the future, you may see the modern clothing made of metals and their alloys. This, of course, is not about knights ' armor. Very promising porous aluminium with the addition of various combinations of other materials. Dress made from porous aluminum absolutely does not crease, it is very light, can be used as casual and festive with a corresponding design. Have in mind that the owner of such dresses can easily change in a wide range of different components. Something like a LEGO method. Frame from the movie "the Hunger games" Experts believe that this kind of dress is suitable for any age and people of any weight, as the fit and size can be changed in minutes. Of course, taken into account and the fact that the materials in the future will improve. This dress has already caused a sensation recently on one of the shows in France. In one of the fiction novels that were released in the twentieth century, described the clothes, spray as a foam from aerosol cans. The color of the foam could be any. The thickness was regulated by the degree of pressing the button. The foam froze on the body instantly in a bizarre formations not prevent the person to move. This method of forming the garment very interested in current fashion designers. The basis until construction foam, which added substances, thus dissolving the foam in water. That is sprayed on bare skin "clothes" of any style and color, tired to show off in such exotic form — go into the shower and wash off. It is likely that the foam will gradually displace normal clothing when you consider the fact that foam clothes will be extremely easy to be created even at home and will be very cheap. Frame from the movie "the Fifth element" Changing our planet's climate due to global warming is also forcing designers to consider the living conditions in the future. Will significantly drop the demand for warm clothing. But the essence not only this, but in the fact that clothing should be versatile — suitable for all climatic zones. That is, it must always and everywhere to provide a comfortable temperature for the body. And the same kind of clothing to save material (now highly problematic) needs to be weatherproof. This means that with decreasing outdoor temperature, the clothing should automatically warm, while improving cooling. Moreover, in the rain or strong wind such clothing must be a kind of comfortable home. Still from the film "guest from the future" problem is solved by the application of new materials in combination with electronics. In the program temperature comfort will be the recorded actions of materials on the deviation of ambient temperature from the set value. In fact, such clothing will be robotic at all occasions. ...

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