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How to propagate miniature roses? :.: Article 12.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

To someone tiny roses fall as gifts, someone he buys them can't resist the elegant shrubs. These brightly blooming baby on the windowsills give the home a holiday mood. Probably, every housewife, caring for flowers, dreaming of a small private rose garden. And when you are ready to spend certain amount of time, effort and patience it is quite possible to implement. However, it should immediately tune to the fact that for growing flowers to Tinker with roses have a lot. Very capricious in care wonders of European breeding. But if you manage to find these flowers a common language, give yourself and others the joy of the contemplation of the beautiful. Photo: Depositphotos In this article I will tell about your experience of gardening — the conversion of one rose Bush several. This is done by grafting. The first time is relatively easy. In order for the venture to succeed, you need to follow some conditions. Time. The best time for propagation of miniature roses — as well as for many other plants — spring, early summer. When everything comes to life and moves off in growth, rooting of cuttings is faster. In the literature write that the best time for grafting roses in July. Possible. But I was Cherenkova roses that I got on March 8, too, and it worked. Sterility. Slice worth doing a clean knife, and the cuttings placed in a clean container with a pre-settled water at room temperature. As the evaporation of the water is topped up, but to completely change it is not necessary. There are various remedies for best plant establishment, but adding them should be strictly dosed, as toxic. I've never used them. Twigs take cuttings with well-developed Bush. This is perhaps one of the key secrets of success. Branches should choose a diameter of about 3 mm. thinner would be too weak, and thicker, lignified, also will not work. The twigs should be strong enough, but it is juicy and green. Measure out the middle part with three kidneys and do oblique cut. You can leave a few leaves. Usually recommend to choose branches with buds that never bloom — buds to break off, as twigs to let the cuttings. But after flowering the right twigs may become cuttings. Photo: Galina Aksenova's personal archive Observance of a temperature mode. In order that the cuttings have rooted, you need a stable heat and light. But under direct sunlight, in a jar with twigs to put not worth it. If the window is South, then it is necessary to temporarily seal the side glass is thick paper, to the plants "not burned". It is clear that if you ventilate and future roses will blow the cool wind, nothing good will come of it: the cuttings is likely to die. Cuttings root faster if they create a mini-hothouse: cover the container with cuttings in a glass jar or plastic bottle, you can use plastic bag with small holes for ventilation (in this case, there is no danger of waterlogging and rotting). This will allow to maintain optimal temperature and humidity during the most vulnerable period. After the cuttings have formed roots, they are placed in small cups with a specially prepared soil. It is important that at the bottom there was good drainage (expanded clay or coarse sand), and the soil was very light and loose. If you are going to plant in the garden soil, be sure to dilute it half sod of earth and sand. Shaking the earth two-thirds Cup placed in the center of the handle and fill up another centimeter to the right soils. Gently press the soil around the cutting. Push the stalk in the ground: so you risk to break off the roots. After cuttings are placed in the cups, slightly wetted land, and put them in a bright warm place (but not under direct sunlight). If the room is not enough warm, you can put the rooted cuttings in hotbed also. But the longer pulls "acclimatization", the harder it will be for them to settle down. Do not forget to periodically ventilate: the excess of condensation on the benefits the plants will not go. Photo: DepositphotosKogda twigs take root, and began to rise, the most difficult is to translate them into normal climatic regime. A sharp decrease in temperature and humidity can ruin even the immature plants: so accustom to more severe conditions gradually — longer ventilated, and the derivation of hotbed't forget to spray. If all steps of adaptation are successful, then after a few months of the new mini-shrub will delight you with the first buds. According to the rules of breeding colors they are recommended to break off to give rose an opportunity to get stronger. But who can resist such a temptation, as the first flowering?! ...

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