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What can you cook sweet potato? :.: Article 12.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

The sweet Potato is often called "sweet potatoes" but potatoes (FAM. Solanaceae), it is irrelevant. It is a plant of the family Vukovich. The stems of the sweet potato is a climbing vines that reach a length of 5 meters. Lateral roots become thickened and form tubers that can be eaten. History the sweet Potato is very like in America, Africa and the Caribbean Peninsula. There is evidence that in tropical and subtropical climates, the sweet potato cultivated by the BC. Basically, this edible plant grows in the wild. The birthplace of sweet potato are considered to be Colombia and Peru. In Europe, the sweet potato came relatively recently — in the times of Christopher Columbus. In an old Spanish book that describes the historical events of this country from 1547 to 1577 years, there is a description of Yam, which is described as "edible root" of the Aztecs. Blooming, batchphoto: the Colonialists, having mastered the American continent, found in the wild fruits wild Yam. The use of sweet and nutritious fruits allowed them not to die of hunger. Since then, the sweet potato in the United States began to cultivate, he became a national product. It is cultivated at the court of George Washington, and later in all southern States. What the majority of Americans prefer the sweet potato, is considered to be very tasty, but not very useful food. In the United States sweet potato, make chips and sweet potato fries. In America, the production of chips of sweet potato delivered to the stream. Yam is wonderful for us, because in our country it is still considered to be rare exotics, with the exception of the South of Russia, where it is grown fans in small amounts. Fried batchphoto: Depositphotos Chips from sweet potatoes and sweet potato fries we have not met, but the sweet potato in its natural form can sometimes be found in supermarkets or on the market. These fruits are also very fond of contemporary vegetarians who regularly include healthy vegetables in your diet. Untreated tubers of sweet potato are similar to potatoes, but if they are too long, you are more like carrots. Baked sweet potatoes are similar in taste to baked pumpkin muscadine cultivars or turnips. The beneficial properties of sweet potato sweet Potato — source of simple and complex carbohydrates, sugars and starch. In the body, complex carbohydrates are broken down and gradually lose energy, so the sweet potato is easily digestible and gives a lasting feeling of satiety. Sweet potato varieties with low sugar content is safe for patients with diabetes. The most amazing feature of Yam is the record content of vitamin A. Only 50 grams of tubers contains a daily dose of vitamin A. vitamin a is needed in visual acuity and normal operation of the circulatory system. And beta-carotene, which there is also present, improves liver function. Tubers buttafoco: In 100 g sweet potato contains 5.7 mg of vitamin A, 100 g of potatoes — a total of 0.003 mg. What is more unique sweet potato? This fruit contains large amounts of manganese, good for the brain. The lack of manganese causes disorders of the nervous system. Women with deficiency of manganese suffer from PMS (premenstrual syndrome). In 100 g sweet potato contains 1 mg of manganese. For comparison, in the same portion of potato contains only 0.2 mg of manganese. The amount of vitamin C sweet potato twice potatoes. Sweet potatoes also contain phosphorus. This is another valuable macronutrient for brain and heart. According to research by American scientists, eating sweet potatoes reduces nicotine and drug dependence. He is recognized as a product that can prevent cancer, due to the high content of antioxidants. Yam yellow, orange, purple There are different varieties of sweet potato, but mainly there are three type according to the color of tubers. Some of them have tubers orange or reddish color with the same color pulp, other varieties — tubers are yellow, found in sweet potato tubers with purple. Purple batchphoto: Depositphotos sweet potatoes with tubers orange has a sweet orange flesh, they contain more sugar. These varieties are undesirable for use in diabetes, and other types — is possible. The yellow fruit flesh is bright, it is more dense compared to orange varieties, and contain less sugar. Purple sweet potato is very useful due to the content of purple pigments — anthocyanins. These substances have a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, strengthen the immune system. All three species of Yam is used for various dishes. The sweet varieties of sweet potato with orange pulp can be eaten raw. Yellow varieties you can replace the potatoes. For example, instead of mashed potatoes can be cooked mashed sweet potatoes or ragout of yellow Yam. Purple Yam is used for medicinal purposes, it can be used even to lose weight. To maintain the beneficial properties of this plant, prepare it with the peel, and then clear. Sweet potato you can boil, bake and fry. But the roasting process eliminates the considerable part of useful properties of the fruit. What dishes is sweet potato can be cooked? Baked, batchphoto: Depositphotos Baked sweet potato Take 3 tubers of Yam. Wash them and cut into slices with peel. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, salt and pepper mixture. Let the potato soak up the mixture, and in the meantime preheat the oven to 160 degrees. Place sweet potatoes in a baking dish, sprinkle with rosemary and put bake for 50 minutes. Sweet potato with honey Wash the tubers of sweet potatoes, peel them from the skin and cut into slices. Mix together for sauce 2 tbsp vegetable oil 0.5 Cup honey, 1 teaspoon grated ginger, salt and pepper. Soak the slices of sweet potato this sauce. Put the sweet potatoes in the preheated oven and bake until caramel brown, stirring occasionally. Is this a popular dish from the French. The spring rolls with the sweet potato Photo: Depositphotos For their preparation you will need: rice paper, raw sweet potato with orange pulp, sushi rice, cucumber and cabbage, and Asian sauces. Prepare the vegetables, cut them into long strings. Prepare the sushi rice and season it with Asian sauce or balsamic vinegar with sugar. Each sheet of rice paper dip in a bowl of room temperature water, wait 5 seconds and remove from water. Council. It is important not to overdo in the water of the rice paper so it was not torn when twisting rolls. Spread on the sheet of rice paper boiled rice, leaves of the Beijing cabbage, sweet potatoes sliced in long sticks, and fresh cucumber. Gently roll the rolls. Serve them with your favorite sauces. To boost calorie meals, it is possible for these rolls to apply peanut butter or hummus. Sushi with purple sweet potatoes look ekzotichni: Depositphotos If you are not familiar with sweet potatoes, try these tasty and healthy fruits for food diversity. With them you can prepare delicious and hearty meals without meat, but if you are vegetarian or have Orthodox position, you will appreciate the sweet potato twice....

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