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Miracle multifaceted goal. How to do that? :.: Article 12.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Those who began to actively develop yourself, not enough time. They sleep for 4 hours a day, exhausting your body and, horror of horrors, throw an impossible task. No, not on purpose. Just get distracted and forget. And then the consciousness is on guard, as a good near relative of the patient, not to be disturbed. Years pass, and one day, stumbled on became irrelevant to the theme of self-development, the man was astonished to think that if he ten years ago did not stop working on himself, he'd be at an incredible height. But the past will not return. How not to overload yourself with self-development? Almost the most important rule: go to bed early. Get enough sleep! This is important, profilephoto: All the interesting things happen after work, and then inspired, you can do until the morning, only trouble is, the next days will fly upside down. But during sleep, the person remains himself, moreover, he still speaks in dreams with interesting people, lives with them full-fledged life equal to half wakefulness. So why not create in the dream world? There you are not constrained by the resistance of the material and social worlds, can therefore be many times more productive. The experience in the dream is real. It will not replace one hundred percent of the practice of wakefulness, but can reduce significantly the number of required exercises and a time of training in the basics. Talented people go to sleep over the ideas and their development, where they receive substantial assistance, as if with geniuses in their field, communicate friendly, friendly. I agree that if a genius in a dream told the best methods of work, and the teacher offers something completely different, the genius once more trust. And I want to argue with annoying teacher. But the teacher sees you personally as you are, and a genius in my sleep. The teacher sees the world for what it is, and the genius of sleep — what I would like. Why not create in the dream world? Photo: Therefore, for adaptation to better listen to the teacher, to improve the life and performance of mission — a genius of sleep. And this is the first case in which we should try to connect the unconnected. Examples will be much easier later, and this task will have to cope on their own. To be a mediator between the genius of sleep and a teacher, at the same time their creation is not easy, but productive. Just don't argue with both of them, and act greedily catching the hints from both sides and lightening the labor of his will is relatively simple obedience. But all the same all the time? So help us the choice and freedom to prioritization. For example, suppose we are interested in scary foreign language, but somewhere in the backyard around a great vocal. We can do foreign language is most useful with a hundred points of view, but we as all, because the utility of all knowledge. Can do vocals for their own uniqueness. But then it will not be to foreign. But if singing in a foreign? Find videos of Seth Riggs, engaged vocal with Michael Jackson, and many others, singing along with him. All in English, if you are interested in this language, which became the main for billion people of the earth ball, in contrast to Russian, native to 60 million. Combine the vocal and English lessons Seth Riggs Put a small complex goal: for example, to sing in three days in memory of this Aria, reaching up to such notes. How many tasks? Translation, understanding, memorizing words, learning tunes and, maybe, accompaniment, understanding teachers who gave instructions in the video training the muscles of the vocal apparatus and so on and so forth. Lots and lots of little problems that lead to a very useful result — the finished product that you to old age will be able to show the people. If you a family oriented person, then imagine that song, studied today, half a century later will warm up with the grandkids. Throw your current health picture of the future, this will solve another problem. Usually advised to articulate an achievable goal and then break it down into individual steps. Want to write a book — write in the month at Chapter. The month ended — publish what happened. One page a day is a step forward, closer to telephoto: a Good option goal setting. But only if the first three days will give a decent result. Usually such a powerful expression of the will takes so much energy that the beginning of a great business on the first day it is not, then something distracts, and in 72 hours, subconscious self stand on guard of peace, and not allow thoughts that lead to stress. But imagine a small integrated goal, obviously consisting of small steps that fit in a couple of hours. For example, to find the idea to build their own, to turn it into an essay, print, edit, publish, translate and publish again, to answer questions, make harvesting ideas for the next day. It is a vicious cycle, that the better it gets, the more often repeated. While you live in the delight of the collector, every day mining something new. Good? Another popular rule is to stimulate your productivity by deadline. Deadlines in short — there is a feeling of self-efficacy. Managed it in time — you can relax. Good job the body well rested and samostoyatelnaya. But if you kept yourself in suspense a month, and the rest lasts for half an hour, so it is possible to overstrain. Whether it's deadline daily in the morning. Woke up, did a great job, the rest of the day — one big pleasure held self-actualization. Make a plan and move, peretto: I Know that in this case talking about you will say? You fly-by-night and that the fools are always lucky. But we know that luck comes to those who are lucky. And it is strange that people who are by the time you complete complex tasks just woke up, stretched and started for Breakfast, and dare to accuse a truly the productivity of levity and call one day. What are we to them, such to do? A write-ka we have them in the little things of life, not worthy of attention. Or are there other ideas? Will notice between the case that the writing of this article — a little piece of my daily tasks....

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