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What maids gangsters? :.: Article 12.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In the period from 1976 to 1985, the head of one of the most powerful mafia clans in new York, the Gambino family, was listed as Paul "Big Paul" Castellano. To most he is remembered for his vivid death than cases in life. He was shot in rush hour directly in front of the restaurant in Manhattan, where he loved to eat steak. In the modern history of the American mafia that murder is one of the most daring. The crime stood none other than John Gotti, who thus stated his desire to become the new boss of the Gambino family. The main reason for the conflict between Castellano and Gotti made possible the translation of all the mafia operations in the legitimate channel, while Gotti insisted that the main lines of business, which included racketeering, extortion, robbery, kidnapping, gambling and prostitution, was to continue to operate, bringing the mafia the lion's share of billions of dollars in profits. Especially Gotti insisted on keeping the law to make theft from warehouses of airlines. Paul Catalanotto: These two people's lifestyle and beliefs were like different parts of the world. Gotti was a tough guy, ready to answer to anyone who dares to stand in his way. Castellano has always considered himself a true gentleman, but also not shun violent measures of doing business, especially in cases where "kind word and a gun could accomplish more than a kind word". Gotti lived in a modest home in a crime area of Queens, while Castellano has built a mansion on Staten island, nicknamed for the external similarity with the presidential apartment the White house, where he was able to depart from "the wicked" of the criminal world of their immediate subordinates. However, these aristocratic habits caused his untimely death. Patience its competitors burst when Castellano was open to take care of her maid, Columbian Gloria Olarte. John Gottipati: Olarte was the most unlikely candidate for the role of mistress of a mafia boss. She's not even close resembled the standard type of catchy beauties, which so often hitting the gangsters. Diminutive black-haired girl appeared in the house of the couple Castellano with the filing of Nina, the wife of the boss that needed help on the farm. This did not prevent the seventy-year-old Castellano ears a crush on the housekeeper, who, moreover, almost never spoke English. They behaved indecently right under the noses of his wife, which was an extreme manifestation of disrespect by the standards of the mafia and has become one of the compelling reasons to eliminate the boss. When it comes to the women in their lives, gangsters have double standards. On the one hand, the man must have a mistress. On the other — the wife and the mother of his children is considered inviolable. All the romantic escapades should be carried out only outside of the home, and wives, if possible, needs to be protected from this information. Gloria Olarte in 1978 (left), immediately after his arrival to America in 1886 (right)Photo: the Source According to the unwritten rules of the mafia, Nina Castellano, which at that time was not only a mother but a grandmother deserved more respect, and I C just had to understand the fatality of the act. Improper, passionate relationship with Olarte was more proof that the boss is no longer in control of himself, and therefore has no right to continue to lead the clan. Gloria Olarte started to work at the mansion Castellano in September 1979, less than a month, how old was the Floor for her to pick her up then. As the servant he knew very little English, Nina specifically bought an electronic English-Spanish translator to be able to communicate with the maid. When this unit arrived the owner of the house, he became with it, to make Gloria the compliments in Spanish. The affair rapidly developed into a full scale love affair. "Big Paul" and Gloria behaved like teenagers, do not hesitate to indulge in amorous pleasures and not caring for outsiders. She Olarte became more relaxed in the circle of assistants to the Castellano, which, however, has not gained her respect in their eyes. Castellano took her with him on vacation and even made her a magnificent gift in the form of a sports car, a red Datsun 280Z, although the Colombian did not even know how to drive. Gender and GLORIETTA: Source Seeing it all, Nina kept the king's peace. The white house was her birthplace, and she wasn't going to surrender it without a fight. If her husband preferred to make yourself a fool is his right. The Queen was not going to go on about him. But the depth of feeling to Castellano Olarte has surprised even the FBI. In St. Patrick's Day 1983, after two years of careful preparation, agents were able to circumvent fancy electronic protection of the mansion and vicious Dobermans, plying in the yard, and set under the kitchen table listening to the device. Knowing that Castellano often prefer to manage a business, without leaving home, they hoped that his habits in the near future will not change. For the three months that he worked as the bug, the agents were able to make the kitchen conversations of the boss with his people a lot of useful information. Of course, they also had become an unwitting witness of a love conversations Paul and Gloria. But one day Castellano managed to impress even seasoned FBI agents. Once Castellano left home to travel to Florida. According to the lawyer, he was going to consult a surgeon about an upcoming surgery. However, the investigation revealed the real reason for the trip, which had a health little in common. "Big Paul" put an implant in the penis is a mechanical device that contributed to a kind of "mechanical" erection. Such information has led many in the FBI surprised the story eyebrow. Castellano never was known as a ladies ' man and now, in the twilight years, suddenly decided to give himself up in order to fully "communicate" with a new passion. Now agents wiretapping was shown to Castellano not only professional, but genuine human interest. Soon Nina is tired of such behavior of her husband and she left the White house, slamming the door. Gloria, whose English was gradually getting better, was jubilant. In her opinion, now she became a full-fledged hostess. But her joy was short. A year passes, as the lifeless body of Castellano dropped out of the front passenger door of his Cadillac, Continental, surrounded by a crowd of noisy onlookers. This place was shot and killed Paul Catalanotto: it's Hard to say if you knew that Gotti about the new "abilities" Castellano. At least he never publicly has voiced his attitude to love Affairs boss. Until his death Gotti followed the code of omerta and kept silent. Best the situation described in his memoirs, former special FBI agent Joseph O'brien, calling Gloria Olarte "Yoko Ono mafia world": "While the soloist comes in believing that he had found the love of his life, the rest think he's crazy. He believes that she's exotic, whereas the surrounding sure — she did not fit into their circle. While he is sure that finally freed from the prejudices, all know the king has become a fool." ...

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