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To be or not To be? The art of choosing :.: Article 12.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Each of us constantly faces a choice problem. And sometimes this process is just painful and brings a lot of anxiety. What job to choose the man next to me, where to go to learn, to go or not to go?.. And so on to infinity. As a rule, it is exhausting, crazy and does not live a normal life, and sometimes it even ends with a sedative, or worse, health problems. Some toss a coin, others blindly follow the advice, and still others just let it go. Of course, all of these options are utopian and extremely unacceptable, because our life is in our hands, and from what decision we make today affects our future. Many philosophical teachings and esoteric practices I believe the choice of a defining part of our life and claim that we do it every minute, even without realizing it. Concern and close attention are only seemingly important in our subjective view of the situation. However, the correctness of a single decision can radically change a life that like a river with many tributaries, floodplains and sleeves. And we float it down the river in a boat and have the ability to choose the direction of who to pester. The advantage is that you do not need to make special efforts for itself will bring us to the right place, the question is just our choice. So you know the three simple rules and proven by many people who will help to solve any dilemma. Trust yourself, feel closer to you and admit what you really noticeto: 1. Heart and mind First and foremost, we should never be guided solely by feelings or unwavering pragmatism. But together these two concepts can perform miracles and become a lifesaver. If you have any problem difficult choices, do two things: Listen to yourself, trust yourself, feel closer to you and admit what you really want. But it must be from the heart and not the consequence of unbridled emotions or whims. Then try to calm down, distract and weigh everything rationally. Can even make a list of "pros" and "cons", but also be honest and objective. Lying to others is bad, and the crime. Now just compare what you get. Before my eyes there just the picture that demonstrates the true state of things, and you have in mind immediately all to sort through. Make a list of "pros" and "cons", but be honest and objectivite: 2. True to myself Sometimes it happens that we fervently and long for something wanted. And in one moment all gone from under his feet, as almost finding what you really wanted, a situation arises in which you need to choose between a dream and such a tempting alternative. This happens if not always, then very frequently. Do not change yourself and not razmenivayas — it's a trap! Next chance to get what you want may simply not be, and if it appears, after many, many years. So choose, what is so sought, and be grateful. The wise life has put everything in its place, and when you break her you break the harmony. 3. From the side view it must be said. This method in no way is not going to go on about other people and their point of view and especially to place the responsibility on others. This method is a real "life hack" and will help even the most indecisive. Need to do the following: tell as many people about the problem of choice and ask what they would do. Rest assured, the opinions and arguments will be very different and contradictory. Do not change yourself and not razmenivayas — it's a trap!Photo: first, you will be able to observe the situation and see what have not seen before, even at close range. And secondly, and most importantly, in that moment, when you hear the truth will be able to feel like rejoicing your inner voice which never lies, but which we no longer trust. Well, the wrong way out of a situation will instantly cause a dissonance and a feeling of rejection. Of course, we cannot ignore the importance of choice, but if you made this mistake should not fall into extremes, and depression. Everything is always fixable, and the resulting experience will buy for any money, but the service he will render you in the future, can be a real Golden key. ...

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