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About the dead and slandered. Was there a traitor General Kachalov? :.: Article 13.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

At the moment in the list of captured generals are 78 people. Of these, 26 died in captivity, 6 escaped, 22 to the exemption were reinstated, two were arrested and convicted, but later acquitted, 20 were convicted and executed or died in prison. The fate of the two captured generals unknown so far. Missing in German captivity. Nine generals of different rank, captured, began to cooperate with the enemy. All of them were executed by sentence of the court. But few of the captured generals who decided not to cooperate with the Germans, was convicted and executed after his release from captivity, by order of the Supreme command № 270 from 16.08.1941. In this order, "About the responsibility of soldiers for surrender and abandonment to enemy of arms", it was stated that under certain conditions, commanders and political instructors of the red army can be considered deserters. Photo from the German state archives. Soviet POWs in the camp, August 1942 Photo: In the order as a positive example taken generals Boldin and Popiel. Boldin was surrounded in June 1941, in Western Belarus in the area of 10th army, organized encircled by latching onto disparate groups, and a fighting 45 days out of the environment, managing attacks from ambushes cause the enemy considerable damage. In the end, the shot from the rear of the German positions broke through the defense and brought out of the environment over a thousand encircled from different parts, and together with them — more than a hundred wounded soldiers. Ivan, Bandipotu: Brigade Commissar Popel brought from the environment unit in 1778, the man, passing through the German rear with fights about 650 km. Nikolai K., Popperfoto: against this background, heroism especially shameful are the actual facts of the desertion of a number of generals of the red army, ignominiously surrendered, instead of all means to break through to her. The order was named three names: generals Kachalov, Ponedelin and Kirillov. Them in this order declared deserters — with all the attendant circumstances, such consequences for their families. The time has passed. The war was over. The prisoners returned home. Generals Ponedelin and Kirillov upon his return was arrested and 25.08.1950 sentenced to death. After Stalin's death they were rehabilitated, as well as many others. And Lieutenant General Katchalov was gone. Lost in 1941, in the environment. Vladimir Yakovlevich, Cachalote: ie, it is not completely lost from time to time appeared signals, like it was seen here and there. The envoys of the General, after the group encircled broke through to her, reported that the General was going to surrender to the Germans on the tank. Head Glavpura Lev Mehlis reported to Stalin about the betrayal of General Katchalov, and that was the reason for the inclusion of his name in the list of deserters and traitors. And since the General was discovered after the war, so he just cleverly hid it for searches and trial was an open case No. 1184, in which he was called "agent of foreign intelligence." Was raised by a number of documents the fall of 1941. It turned out that the General Kachalov was killed during a tank battle near the village Ermolino. His body was discovered by the Germans in the burned tanks and solemnly buried. In a common grave. In 1953 was still alive, the villagers who remembered where they buried the General. Was carried out the exhumation of the body, identified by the number of signs, including the tracks from his wounds, after which the treason with him and his family was taken. He even posthumously reinstated in the party. Padded Soviet flamethrower tank KV-8, committed the ramming of the German FlaK guns 18Foto: a source In the novel by Konstantin Simonov "the Last summer" is an episode. Bitter military episode about how the Red Army returned and the old man who buried the General in the summer of 1941, addressed to the returning Soviet authorities, saying that here he was buried, and here buried his papers, and there his tank was, the Germans then took, KV. Burnt. A General burned from the waist up. Crawled away from the tank and died. Serious it was, that summer of 1941. And thank you to the grandparents that is not broken and raised his hands. Although today there are people who believe that they would drink Bavarian beer, if only their grandparents then gave up......

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