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How to find a lost child in a shopping centre in another country? :.: Article 13.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

What to do if your child got lost in a shopping center in a foreign country? Oh, if he is as Kevin McCallister, then he will find you, and buy soda and popcorn. But don't rely on it and prepare your children for such a situation in advance. I like shopping malls. Darling, spacious, with a glass roof, with a cool fountain on the ground floor in the lobby playing lounge music, the aromas circling the head. Centers like streets, wrapped like a snail. As small as in Paris, bright and cozy, romantic and peaceful, alive and quiet. Here boutiques, beauty salons, cinemas, recreation areas, cafes, playgrounds look at each other. What to do if a child got lost in the Mall, and even in a foreign country? How to envisage such a situation? If age allows, talk with the child. Tell him about the chosen country. What's the language known attractions. Share your feelings and expectations, tune in to one wave. It will psychologically drain you and the coming weekend. If the child is still small, and talking won't help, buy a bracelet that will track the location of malachite: You explained to him how to behave, if he lags behind mom or dad? Repeat the instruction effortlessly. Ask his actions, even uses memory and thinks what to do. Do not frighten the child consequences, calmly discuss what might happen and how they should be conducted. Here is a list that a child needs to know: you Cannot search for parents need to remain in place.Can't leave without telling an adult.Need to seek help from adults (preferably women and children) and staff of the centre.Phone numbers parents need to know by heart.A place to meet, if he falls behind (the cashier, the entrance, the fountain), discuss in advance.Need to learn a few phrases asking for assistance in a new language. In a strange country where everything can happen. The child's safety is your biggest responsibility. Training is a lifestyle, and you have to spend it before leaving the house. Child safety — the main concern of roditelyami: Depositphotos I Have a list of actions for you: Buy your child a bracelet with a tracking system.Put it in a pocket a note with contacts.If he already uses a smart phone, keep it charged.Dress to impress! The shopping center it's easier to find the child, and he you.Examine the place where you want to go. There is a good example of right action. In a large and busy shopping centre a 5-year Dima got separated from his parents, he could go to the store or in the shop I went to look for toys (and maybe a soda with popcorn). Mom and dad noticed that Dima there. You can call the child and to find him. But Dima has no phone. So dad's going back to the last place they were and mom would go to the Manager. Handsfree excited voice say: "Dima, it's your mother, we are looking for you, stay where you are". And here the Pope finds Dima, frozen in place. The boy only went to the stationery store after seeing the brand-new coloring. Photo: Depositphotos Parents of Dima knew how to look for the child, they separated and were able to do more. On the radio my mom said that he needs to stay in place; my dad checked the route and found her son. Dima obeyed his parents, did not panic and nothing happened. The actions of these parents was universal — you can use this example as a reminder for parents. In another country with a different language, you can also find the child. Employees shopping centres are eager to help parents do not hesitate to contact him. And talk to your child, let him know that you will find it, but don't waste your miracle! ...

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