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Should we be afraid to take out a loan secured title? :.: Article 13.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

A Situation when urgently need a considerable amount of money, happen unexpectedly. A loan can not everyone, and the paperwork takes time, which is not. Is there a high risk of turning to microfinance organizations for the design of the micro-loan, or should look for another option? First, the organization therefore called microfinance, which provides only a small amount, especially during initial treatment. Secondly, it risks, as it gives the money only on the basis of passport data. The risk the company will compensate a high interest rate. If you need a little bit and immediately, and give you plan quickly, and then we can handle, but if the situation calls for a larger amount, choose another organization. The best option may be to assume the loan secured title car, in Moscow this service is popular, but there are some nuances. Having a car in the property, you can ensure the loan assets, which significantly reduces the lender's risk and, therefore, allows it to set lower rates. Keep in mind that to qualify for a loan on the security of the car only if the car is not under encumbrance (loan or Deposit from the bailiffs). Many troubling terminology "loan secured title," as by law such loans do not exist. We will tell you the whole truth about loans secured title and dispel doubts. Lombard or a credit institution can issue money on the security of the car in two ways — taking the car or leaving it for use by the owner. In the first case, the organization minimizes your risk, but incurs additional costs for storage of car in the Parking lot that can afford not every company.In the second embodiment, on the car set GPS beacon that will track the car's location. You will be able to move as before, but leave the title as collateral. Actually it's just a formality, because the owner can always declare the loss of the passport and issue a new one. The important point in the design is the loan agreement, which must be registered. In this case, the car will be under the encumbrance, and this fact will protect the lender. As a rule, the interest rate for the loan secured title higher than a loan in which the vehicle remains with the lender, but if you need to stay behind the wheel, then this option is preferable and is not at risk with the right contract. Just need to carefully read all the points and see that reflected all aspects of the transaction (the installation of a lighthouse, check loan amount, rates and terms of payment). Even greater amount can be obtained in the registration of pledge of real estate. In this case the interest rate is quite loyal, since all that is required by the lender — the contract and its registration in the registry of liens. The estate remains in the same place, additional protection is not required, and the loan provided to the maximum that allows you to set the lowest possible rate among all types of mortgage loans. We wish you financial well-being and positive solutions to all problems! ...