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Yandex.Mail will eliminate unnecessary mailings

Blog Yandex 13.02.2019 at 09:00

Blog Yandex

If you don't make your email address a secret, you will almost certainly get a variety of mailings. They send everyone with whom you had contact: the online shop where you three years ago bought a t-shirt, supermarket, where you have issued a discount card, ticket booking service, which you use once a year before release.

to Subscribe is easy, but to abandon it is much more difficult. Senders interested in the fact that people received their letters, and sometimes specifically complicate the unsubscribe mechanism. Some of them ask to remember the username and password, others ask too many questions and forced to write an essay on "Why I no longer want to receive this newsletter". And sometimes, the mechanism does not work: the man pressed the button "Unsubscribe" and the emails keep coming.

We have added in Yandex.Mail tool for newsletter management. With it, you can view all the newsletters you have signed up for, and decide which you want to obtain and which are not. For each distribution there is a list of recent emails — it worth investigating if there is any doubt. Sometimes a mailing list, which never opened, in fact, is quite helpful.

the Manager of mailing shows all campaigns to which you are subscribed

to unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters, it is sufficient to select them in the list and click "Hide". All emails from these ezines you will not be disturbed. At the same time can be removed from the box old posts: news about the long ending sales, deals by year before the new year holidays and other irrelevant information — in General, the entire archive of the mailing.

you Can not only unsubscribe, but also to delete its entire archive of old emails

To identify mailings Yandex.Mail uses a classifier based on machine learning. He is able to distinguish important messages from unimportant. For example, if you have opted out of the newsletter, an online store, you will continue to receive reports made it orders. This also applies to other significant letters, tickets, receipts and so on — all of them will be coming as usual.

the Hidden distribution is moved to the Deleted items folder. There emails are kept for 31 days and only then gone forever. If you hide a mailing list, and then change your mind, you can return the same way — through the Manager of mailing.

the Function management newsletters are available in the web version of Yandex.Email and mobile apps for iOS and Android. In training the classifier, we use the user feedback, so sometimes Mail will ask you whether she recognized the type of writing. Your feedback is an important signal for the system by the classifier checks and improved further.

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