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Whether in Moscow to introduce a fine for closed rooms

Question - answer - Legal advice 13.02.2019 at 18:24

Question - answer - Legal advice

As the methods do not employ the drivers not to pay for

the Parking lot! Hide license plate of their cars under a sheet of paper, slapped them

snow, and even women's pantyhose. In short, all good,

some people think, just to deceive the parkon. And what is interesting to meet

these tricks can be in almost any city. The mayor of Kazan Il'sur

Metshin set this week, even the question of imposition of punishment in such


he Said this at a meeting of the Board

the regional Ministry of transport, which was attended by the Minister of transport,

, Russian Federation Eugene Dietrich. In his opinion, the issue is quite subtle: "it is Important

to the stricter requirements will not hit the law-abiding

users", - he commented the initiative. Suddenly someone just

will decide to settle personal scores with the driver, to stick, for example, he something

at the room?

Now to fine a driver for private rooms only if the vehicle is in motion