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WEB tools — when everything is at hand

Typical Internet guy ™ 14.02.2019 at 14:57

Vyacheslav Scoble: about creativity, about life and other nonsense, giving advice: how to live on the Internet, how to survive and what to do with all this

The Typical Internet user most of his life at a monitor: reads the news in SEO industry, monitors the income from the sites services monetization... and he has a bunch of urgent matters - constantly solves problems that people before the Internet didn't exist! Problems are solved by tools and utilities. The problems are different, and the tools still need to search. Thus was born the idea to collect it all in one pile. So there was my collection of "WEB tools" - online services for webmasters and SEO.

Under one roof, I collected various tools for webmasters and SEO-optimizers. My collection of web-based tools are a few of them:

work online from any device and anywhere in the world, the lack of registration and login, all for free

Under the applause of all those who are already using my collection of "WEB tools", I want to say that this list of online tools for effective and productive work of the webmaster and SEO-optimizer is far from complete. The collection is constantly filled and improved! Ideally, I would be glad to participate in this readers and stakeholders.

the List of WEB tools-tools

as of February 2019, the collection includes the following online tools:

➔ QR code generator online

Keywords: QR, generator, card, shift, code

description: the QR code Generator main formats: link, bookmark, SMS, e-mail, plain text, business card (vCard, meCard), geographic information, Wi-Fi

➔ Timer (with sound)

Keywords: services, online, time, timer, stopwatch, alarm

Description: Simple and functional timer time setting hours, minutes and seconds. Upon expiration of the timer, a buzzer will sound in the browser. Button START, PAUSE, REPEAT.

➔ Online Converter registers

Keywords: service, online, register, text, Converter

Description: registers the Converter is designed to change text case. Supported: UPPER case, lower case, Capital Letters, and invert register

➔ Generator HTML code link

Key words: service link, HTML code generator, link generator

Description: Tool for generating HTML code, links to c the right attributes. Enter the website address, select the attributes and the parameters. Click CREATE LINK to obtain the HTML code links

➔ Validator CSS code

Key words: service, styles, CSS validator, the code is correct

description: the Tool syntax validation (validity of) CSS code in different browsers. Has fine-tuning to check CSS code for correctness. Defines and highlights CSS errors

➔ to Remove favicon

Keywords: service, online, favicon, remove, icons sites

Description: Online tool to batch extract a favicon from a group of sites

➔ Duration text

Keywords: service, online, text, voice, time, speaker, duration

description: the Tool (for speakers, help...) for text counts the time required for nachitki voice. Available speed selection nachitki text

➔ Parser links from sitemap.xml

Key words: service, sitemap, links, extract, the parser links

Description: Online tool to extract links from a file sitemap.xml. Enter the link to sitemap.xml and get the full list of direct links from this site

➔ Generator snippets for search results

Keywords: snippets, snippet, results, special characters

Description: ►Generator № ❶ snippets for Google and Yandex will make Your website visible in the search through the use of special characters ( ๏ ๏ ) that are not on the keyboard ★

➔ Editor regular expressions (Regular Expression Editor)

Keywords: service, online, Regular, Expression, regular season

Description: Online tool checks regexps designed for visual debugging and testing regular expressions in the browser

➔ Chmod calculator to change permissions for files and directories

Keywords: service, online, server, access, Converter

Description: Chmod calculator will help you to obtain the necessary rights in alphabetic and numeric form for files and folders on the server

➔ Generator .htaccess online

Keywords: service, online, generator, htaccess redirect generator

Description: Generator .htaccess file will help to generate a configuration file for your site, including redirect generator

➔ the Compressor is JavaScript code

Keywords: service, online, compressor, compression, JavaScript, tool,

Description: a Compressor reduces the size of JavaScript code by removing unnecessary characters and compression

➔ Converter HTML to PHP, ASP, and JavaScript

Keywords: service, online, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, tool,

Description: Converter HTML online tool for converting HTML text in such programming languages as: PHP, ASP, and JavaScript

➔ Generator Lorem Ipsum in Russian

Keywords: service, online, generator, Lorem Ipsum, lorem ipsum generator

Description: Generator Lorem Ipsum (lorem ipsum generator) generates in Russian, English, Spanish, Italian and Latin! When generating text, you can choose the length in paragraphs of generated text

➔ Calendar updates Yandex and Google

Keywords: calendar, update, Yandex, Google PR

Description: Calendar of updates Yandex CY and Google. Google PR (since 2007)

➔ Form to send POST/GET request

Key words: POST, GET, HTTP, form, query, post, send

Description: Tool for web developer which you can use to send POST and GET requests (post send) on any pages on the Internet. Flexible settings.

➔ the Compressor and decompressor Base62 eval()

Key words: Base62, JS, compressor, decompressor, code obfuscator, packer, javascript compressor, obfuscator

Description: Tool decrypts and encrypts javascript code by means of compressed Base62, eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,r)...

➔ Full-size the site

Keywords: screenshot, screenshot, screenshot, photos

description: the Service allows you to make full-size screen shot (screenshot, eng. screenshot) from any page of our site.

➔ Fix layout online (English - Russian)

Key words: text, layout, keyboard

description: the Service converts the text to Russian, typed in English (Latin) keyboard layout and Vice versa.

➔ Work with strings of text

Key words: text, list, duplicates, sorting,

Description: Tool for working with strings: remove duplicates, blanks and empty lines, sorting, permuting, merging, etc.

➔ Entering text by voice

Key words: voice, nachitka, text entry

description: the Tool allows you to type text voice. Text input is possible via the microphone, stable operation is guaranteed in the Google Chrome browser.

➔ Online editor to debug Java scripts

Keywords: JS, javascript, editor, code, debug, script

Description: Tool to edit the JS script and the code with syntax highlighting javascript

➔ Online PHP editor

Key words: PHP, editor, code, debug, script

Description: an Online tool for editing PHP scripts and code with syntax highlighting

➔ Semantic core of the site (download)

Key words: semantics, keywords, semantic kernel,

Description: an Online Service for the selection of key words with the search domain. Upload of keywords in .txt, .csv, and. tsv. Prepared the semantic core for the site

➔ Photoshop online

Keywords: photo editor, photoshop, image

Description: Online Service for photo editing. Photoshop online-version...

➔ table of special HTML characters

Key words: special characters HTML character codes for special characters

Description: table of special HTML characters, so-called symbols-mnemonics and codes. They can be used, for example, for formation of a search snippet

➔ Decompressor HTML/JavaScript

Keywords: decompressor code,HTML,JavaScript, decryption,

Description: Converts compressed (not readable) HTML/JavaScript in a convenient readable form. Including decode some types of encrypted JavaScript (eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,d)....)

➔ Diagnosis site security

Key words: diagnostics, virus, scanner, check, site security

Description: a Scan is an online tool that allows you to quickly check the website for dangerous web threats, malware or vulnerabilities.

The web site will be scanned by most popular antivirus programs like Norton, AVG and McAfee

➔ Statistics Alexa

Keywords: Alexa ranking, website traffic

description: the Tool allows to get data about web site traffic from the company Alexa Internet, Inc. The service provides traffic data, global rankings and other information on 30 million websites,

➔ Antispamer (text, picture)

Key words: text, image, generator, images, antispam, antispammer

Description: Online tool Antispamer allows you to protect your text from spammers and parsing. You can adjust the image depending on the design of your website (color, font, etc.)

➔ the Presence of site in directories

Keywords: site directory, test.

Description: a Free tool that allows you to quickly find out if the site is in such popular directories like DMOZ (ODP), Alexa and Yandex.

➔ DNS lookup records site

Keywords: DNS domain name, DNS, site

Description: Online tool allows you to view DNS record of a variety of domain names. DNS is crucial system for the modern web.

➔ Hash online generator

Key words: generator hash

Description: Generator hash (Hash generator online) line. The generator supports the formats hash: md5, sha1, sha2, sha3, ripemd, and Base64

➔ HTTP headers

Keywords: HTTP headers, HTTP response

Description: the Online tool will allow you to check the HTTP headers that the web server returns when requesting a domain.

➔ HTML Encoder online

Key words: HTML Encoder, encryption, Hex-string

Description: HTML Encoder is an online tool that will help to hide the text from PS. The text is encoded by converting them to Unicode or Hex string.

➔ Geolocator domain

Keywords: IP address, domain, site, geolocator

description: the Tool allows you to know the actual location of any domain name by IP address

➔ Meta Tags Generator online

Key words: Meta Tags Generator, meta tag Generator

Description: Meta Tags Generator creates a well formed meta tags for your website with the entered values

➔ Online generator Open Graph

Keywords: generator, Open Graph, Opengraph, Opengroup

Description: Online tool help to generate special meta tags Open Graph for static HTML pages

➔ Transliteration (RU>EN)

Keywords: translit, Russian-English transliteration

Description: the Online service "Transliteration" is conversion of Russian letters into Latin. The widely used transliteration instead of Cyrillic when working on nerusifitsirovannaya systems for naming files, folders, and also for translating the names or names from one language to another

➔ password Generator

Keywords: password, generator, generate

Description: password Generator allows you to create random passwords and sustainable. Such passwords safe and difficult to crack or guess

➔ Base64 encode / decode

Keywords: Base64, 6 bits, a decoder, an encoder

Description: Online generator and decoder functions base64. Generator encrypts and decrypts a special method of encoding information in 64-bit code (6 bits),

➔ random number Generator

Key words: conversion, numbers, generator, number

Description: Online tool to generate many random numbers. Different ranges for random number generation

➔ Converter UNIX time

Keywords: convert date Unix date format

Description: an Online tool to convert the date and time of the Unix timestamp to human format

➔ Converter IP address

Keywords: convert IP, Pv4, IPv6

Description: Converts the format of IP addresses: IPv4, IPv6 — reduced, binary, octal and hexadecimal

➔ extractor email addresses from text

Keywords: email addresses, find email in text

Description: Online tool to extract Email addresses from text. Insert a piece of text and get a clean list with e-mail addresses

➔ JavaScript obfuscator

Keywords: JS obfuscator, encrypt JavaScript

Description: Customizable online obfuscator JavaScript code. Tool encrypt JS code, making it not readable using any pair of characters. Encrypts the code into incomprehensible gibberish


Keywords: WHOIS

Description: an Online WHOIS service to obtain technical information about any domain on the Internet

➔ Visual HTML editor

Keywords: HTML editor, code, code, syntax, text

Description: Advanced WYSIWYG editor to generate clean HTML code,

➔ Random pictures. Generator

Key words: generator, generate photos random photo

Description: Generator of random photos. The photograph collection is randomly generated from a large collection of photos

➔ Google prompter

Keywords: Google keyword, tips, queries, search

description: the Tool is powered by Google search and uses quick hints of the most popular requests. Will help to create an expanded proposal for your keywords

➔ Punycode Converter

Keywords: Punycode, special characters, domain names, Russian names

Description: this Converter is used to convert the Russian-speaking domain names in Punycode encoding to be used in multilingual domain name system. Conversion is possible in both forward and back

➔ Audit password online

Keywords: password, security, audit, verification, the strength of the password

Description: Online test password security for resistance against hacking. Is determined by: the strength of the password, the password complexity, the time required for a password guessing (brute force).

➔ Determinant of indexed pages

Key words: index, the indexed page

Description: the Online tool allows you to know the exact number of indexed pages of the website in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo

➔ Calculator math

Keywords: calculator, mathematics, tool

Description: a Normal mathematical calculator for mathematical operations

➔ Calculator engineering

Keywords: calculator, mathematics, engineering

Description: Engineering math calculator to calculate trigonometric functions, logarithms, exponents, degree of numbers...

➔ Converter [byte, KB/ MB/ GB]

Keywords: Converter, bit

Description: Converter design, online storage and data transfer transfer bits to bytes, bytes to megabytes, megabits to kilobytes, megabytes to gigabytes, megabytes into bytes, gigabytes to megabytes, etc.

➔ Converter numbers number systems

Keywords: Converter, numbers, value

Description: Converter numbers, transferring numbers from one value to another.Supports binary, octal and hexadecimal number system for transfer to decimal system and Vice versa.

➔ Social activity

Keywords: social networking, likes, Sociometer

Description: With this tool you can obtain detailed statistics about the mentions of Your website in different social networks. Supported: Facebook, Google Plus, Pints, Stumbleupon and Linked In.

➔ text Converter-to-digital Converter

Keywords: Converter, digital code decimal system

Description: this Online calculator converts characters to their numeric codes.Encodes the decimal system and Vice versa.

➔ counting the number of text

Key words: quantity, counter text

Description: an Online tool for copywriters and rewriters: for more detailed statistics on the text, how many characters, lines and words contained in the text

➔ table of colors (RGB and HEX code)

Key words: color table, color code, graphics, rgb

Description: rgb Color: online the color table translates the selected color in RGB code (to create colors in a graphics editor) and HEX code (to represent colors in HTML)

Write in the comments: what do You all think this? What tools are most popular in your work? What tools are missing?