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How to cheat aging and prolong youth? :.: Article 16.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

To a ripe old age to live — a great success in life. But it is important not only the number of years lived in human life, but also their quality. If old age old man or woman suffer from many diseases, then what kind of a happy old age... Eat protein food insecurity in the world, poor environmental situation, the shortage of material resources, stress, bad habits and poor nutrition worsen the health. We ought to get out of this vicious circle. But what to do if it's all so interconnected? Of course, to give up bad habits at any age and pay attention to your diet. What we eat is our building materials in the recovery of the body. When a person eats protein, the body actively the processes of regeneration of damaged tissues. Proteins are not only animals, but also vegetable (avocado, beans, broccoli and cauliflower, nuts). Photo: Depositphotos Every day — food plant who lives longer: vegetarians or meat eaters? According to statistics of scientists, non-strict vegetarians have a greater life expectancy. Non-strict vegetarians — those people in whose diet animal food is present. For example, they eat dairy products (butter, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk) and eggs. Primarily high their life expectancy is related to the fact that these people carefully look after their health. They are timely, pay attention to their own health, choose plant-based diet with high fiber, vegetable and animal protein, lead an active lifestyle and eat moderately. Strongly to be fond of animal food in the elderly is not necessary, as it leads to excess cholesterol in the body and blockage of blood vessels. The predominance of vegetables and fruits in the daily diet provides the body with vitamins without any artificial drugs. The fiber in them reduces the risk of developing bowel cancer. Photo: Depositphotos So don't forget about the use of plant foods daily. Do not envy anybody Except for a balanced diet, the life and health of a person extends kind and unenvious nature. After all, envy, negative emotions directly act on the psychological, and then physical condition of the person. Of course, it's hard to resist this feeling, watching how others live. Maybe someone is rich by their merit, someone more attentive husband, a caring and talented children, but what difference, what there others? Envy makes you nervous, and the constant envy seriously affects the health, literally "eating" you. Over time this will affect health in the first place — the heart. Negative emotions increase the risk of heart problems. If not, learn how to anyone not to envy and to adopt a philosophical approach to disasters occurring in the world. After all, we can't change other people and many circumstances, but to assist the middle — can. We'll make our lives a little kinder, more comfortable. Photo: Depositphotos in addition, reach out to those people who make you smile and good mood. Communicate more with them. If there are no such people in the entourage, maybe you will find them in absentia among the actors, musicians, writers, comedians. For example, my grandmother at 82 years old still enjoys watching comedies with Yuri Nikulin and gets lots of positive emotions. Exercise body and mind In old age the brain needs mental exercise. Stop living in a closed world with one TV. The brain to be fully operational normal circulation, and this can be achieved during physical activity. Try to move more and walk in the fresh air. To improve memory and thinking abilities of the doctors advise to solve crosswords and puzzles, problems of logic, to read books, to learn foreign languages. Photo: Depositphotos from this we can conclude that good and intelligent people live longer. Kindness makes it quicker to forgive others, not to envy, not to dwell on the failures and look to the future with optimism. A good wit will make you interesting to talk to people of any age and will not feel lonely. I still gain life experience from her grandmother, and she always learns something new from me. Love our heart-to-heart over a Cup of tea with raspberry and currant jam. These helpful tips are relevant for people at any age, then old age will not rush to you, and you will become a figure in the passport. ...

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