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Where did the cats of Venice? :.: Article 17.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Just a few decades ago, Venice was full of cats of all stripes. The old guides definitely noted that "Queen of the Adriatic" — cat city. They say that cats were as much in the air clearly smelled of meat. There was no roof, no garden, no lane, where lived the cat. However, over the last 30 years of Venetian cats have almost completely disappeared. What is the reason? To understand the present, look back to the history of the city! The reward for the struggle with the plague of the First cats arrived in Venice somewhere in the XII−XIII century. They were brought by the traders from the Middle East. The Venetians quickly realized the usefulness of animals in rats and gradually began to import and display them for rodent control. Cats even awarded for assistance in the fight against the plague of 1348: they would not let the rats spread across the city. Celebrities in Venice was even some representatives of the cat family. Cat of the 108th Doge Francesco Morosini was everywhere with his master, even during naval battles. When the animal died, Morosini was embalmed him. Francesco Morosini with a cat. Perhaps a modern, fotomontaggio: Source And another was a white cat, Nini, who lived in the Caffe dei Frari at the end of the XIX century and became an international celebrity. Cafes, incidentally, is still working. British strikes in 1965 In Venice from England arrived Helen Sanders, an ardent defender of cats. She criticized the city authorities for lack of care for local cats. The lack of centralized care and treatment angered the British, and determined woman began to correct the deficiencies. Helena, Saundersfoot: Source For the time her ideas were radical. In particular, the practice of "catch-sterilize-return to the place" (program TPN) the Venetians at once is not supported. Admonitions that such an approach will help to control the number of cats and in General will make their health better, did not help. Lawyer Humberto Corado in a dispute with Sanders stated that the cats in Venice's historical role is to keep rats away from the city, and thus to control the number of cats is to help the rodents. But she was stubborn, so over time, municipal governments still set sterilisation of street cats. If in 1965 the city's population of nearly 40 000 cats, with time their number was reduced to 12,000, and after some time to 2,000 individuals. Cats go along with people In the XXI century in Venice, the cats became much smaller. Traditionally, a handful of them at a used bookstore Acqua Alta ("High water") with a big old gondola inside in the hospital gardens and the seaport. But they have ceased to be a prominent feature of Venetian life as it once was. Situated only a popular tourist destination, you even one cat will not see. And in residential areas in the heart of St Helena a lot of dogs, but no cats again. In 2018, the newspaper La Nuova Venezia released an article on "Awakening". The group consists of the photojournalists, conservationists and cat lovers. Member of the "Awakening" Marco Secchi said that cats have disappeared as well as disappear the Venetians. A huge influx of tourists, which every year is flooding this tourist town, stopping cats live on the streets and squares, which were their houses. Benezette: Gellinger, Indeed, in just 30 years the city has lost half of its inhabitants. The population decreased from 120 to 55 thousand people. Meanwhile, the number of tourists reached 20 million per year. In a record year to come and of 30 million! Such demographic shifts have led to social and cultural change. Bakeries, fish shops and butcher shops replaced by supermarkets. Residential building transformed into rented apartments, family-run cafes give way to souvenir shops. Even non-tourist once in Venice, like Giudecca and Castello, now filled with restaurants and hotels. In the result, the cats went with alleys and side streets of Venice and became a real rarity....

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