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Nicholas Feshin. As Russian patrimony appeared in Indian country? Part 1 :.: Article 17.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

When we hear about the family estate, we make a good house somewhere in Russia. But why is this Russian place in America? His Creator — our artist, the history of personal life which was in the famous work of I. Ilf and E. Petrov "single-Storey America". It's been over a century since the birth of Nikolai Feshin, and we're just beginning to learn of our great compatriot. So, it all began on 8 December 1881 in Kazan, when the family of the owner of the iconostasis workshop of Ivan Feshin and daughters Kostroma construction contractor Praskovia Fine boy was born. Child called victorious name — Nicholas. He was destined to go through many of life's exams and become a famous painter, graphic, sculptor and teacher, the academician of painting. So it was destined that the first ordeal happened with Nicholas in early childhood. Imagine that at the age of four he contracted meningitis and for two weeks hovered between life and death. Doctors advised parents to hope for a miracle. Then my father persuaded the priests to bring out of the Cathedral of the Kazan Kremlin, the miraculous image Theotokos of Tikhvin. And here comes the real magic! After the procession three times round the bed of a dying man, and touched the icon of the body of the child, the mother noticed that he has signs of life. The Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God in oladepo: From early childhood, Nicholas loved spending time in his father's workshop and, of course, to draw. And painted usually at night, when everyone went to sleep and nobody bothered. By the way, according to the memoirs of Nikolai Ivanovich, his father was a humble, passionate worker who often suffered losses as bad counted the cost of their labor. The family lived very poorly. When Nicholas graduated from school, the administration demanded that the children come to the exam well-dressed, and the necessary money the family simply did not exist. Can be called magic, and it was at this time a boy gets his first order — a drawing of the iconostasis, and the hard earned money he called "heaven-sent". Despite the small income from art, his father wanted a son to become an artist. Desire miraculously came to life, and in 1895 he becomes a disciple first opened in Kazan art school. Oddly enough, but at this time my parents decided to separate. The mother could not stand the constant lack of money and returned to his parents, and his father went to work. It is interesting that many years later the fate of their parents was repeated in the life of our hero. N. I. Feshin, "homeless", 1890s Photo: of Course, the Nicholas helped the family of his father, but especially the warmth he spoke of the grandmother Fekla: "After God, she loved only me and when he died, bequeathed all his fortune — one ruble and fifty kopecks..." Imagine that young Feshin all the time spent in school, and spent the night in an abandoned house, eating tea, bread and milk. Not accidentally one of the works of that period are called "homeless". Despite the hard life, Nicholas considered himself the luckiest, because he was completely absorbed in the art. Quietly runs a while and now 19-year-old Feshin already a student of the Academy of arts in St. Petersburg, and a year later comes true another dream — he became a pupil of Repin. After 24 years of the famous teacher will speak about the student as about the biggest artist in the world! By the way, our young hero was fascinated by the art Nouveau and later became a portrait painter, master of portrait genre and the critical acclaim received for his drawings of Nudes that compare with the works of the old masters of the sixteenth century. N. I. Feshin, "Cheremis wedding", 1908 Photo: Interestingly, the first major victory literally followed one after another. For the painting "Cheremis wedding" Feshin was awarded first prize in 1000 roubles on the competition. A. I. Kuindzhi. A work so clearly reflected the situation of a drunken feast, the exhibition in Munich has caused indignation of the Russian criticism of Evseev, who claimed that the picture of his Russia to foreigners. However, this painting was purchased by the American collector William S. Stimela and became a kind of bridge to a new life. "Portrait of an unknown" celebrated a gold medal in Munich, and the final work, "Cabbage", Feshin allowed to obtain the title of artist for the first time to visit Europe. N. I. Feshin, "Cabbage", 1909 Photo: And once again good luck: upon graduation, Nikolai Feshin became a teacher at the art school of Kazan. Here there are not only pupils but also the patrons. Nadezhda Sapozhnikova — a friend, a philanthropist and just a woman. It helped talented Russian artists, to order paintings. So the portrait of her niece Vari Adoratsky marks the heyday of portrait of creativity Feshina. N. I. Feshin, "Portrait Vari Adoratsky ", 1914 Photo: in our time painting "N. Sapozhnikova (shawls)" sold for 3.6 million pounds at Sotheby's. But if it's just an expensive movie, then, according to the researchers, for the most Feshin it captures the romantic emotions related to the understanding of art soul. N. I. Feshin, "Portrait N. M. Sapozhnikov (shawls)", 1908 Photo: However, exposing their work in Europe and America, Fechin was faced with language problem, and here is the wonderful meeting with Alexandra belkovich. The daughter of the head of the school of art becomes the assistant, and in 1913 — his beloved wife. After a year in a happy family, daughter Iya. Wife, daughter and father now were the main models for his new paintings. "Portrait of artist's father" critics even compared with the works of Michelangelo! And children's portraits "baby Iya", "the Sleeping Iya" reflect the admiration and love. N. I. Feshin, "father's Portrait", 1918 Photo: Source 1916 was a landmark: Feshin became an academician of painting! But with the advent of 1917 come a new severe test. To be continued......

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