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Ginkgo - the tree of life and hope. How to grow it? :.: Article 17.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Ginkgo, one of the oldest trees on our planet, has survived to present day due to its unique vitality. Ginkgo refers to the ancient group of Gymnosperms, which, as experts believe, appeared on earth about 370 million years. Millions of years ago, in the era of the dinosaurs, these trees grow throughout the Northern hemisphere. Then during the ice age, they almost became extinct, preserved only in the lands of present-day China. The Chinese call this tree the fingernail of the Buddha, tree, dinosaur, duck legs (on foot similar leaves). Later it was called yinxing, means "silver almonds". Larissa Lucania, "Ginkgo Biloba", XX, wetfoto: Ginkgo is Also called the love tree because its leaves resemble the shape of a heart, and in folk medicine it is used to enhance sexual function. The name "Ginkgo" comes to us from Japan as a distorted pronunciation of the words "silver apricot". Indeed, the seeds, three layers of protective skin have a silvery hue. Ginkgo is famous for having survived 2 km from the epicenter of a nuclear explosion in Hiroshima, for which he became known as the tree of life and hope. Ginkgophyta: HeungSoon, in addition to the usefulness of this unique tree is very beautiful and unusual looks. His fan-like, divided into two lobes leaves, leathery and elastic, edges slightly ruffled, reminiscent of fused needles of conifers. The leaves are arranged on short shoots with one or a bunch. In autumn they turn yellow, glowing inside, color. Looking at this period on the tree, involuntarily carried away to distant times, when the earth lived pine that gave people a warm, painted in various colors of the sun gem — amber. Photo: youzuowei1230, according to tradition, Chinese and Tibetan monks studied the beneficial properties of this tree and began to cultivate. In our days the Ginkgo became known worldwide as a source of valuable medicinal raw materials and food additives. The most active of Ginkgo as a dietary Supplement, used in China, Germany, France. One of the major suppliers of raw materials is the US, where in South Carolina is the plantation of Ginkgo, covering an area of nearly 5000 hectares. Ginkgo as a relic and a sacred tree, worshipped in Asia. Since ancient times, it is planted near temples and monasteries. For example, near the Church Di Lin in the Chinese province of Shandong Ginkgo is growing, whose age is estimated at 3000 years. In China, the leaves and nuts of this tree have long been used in food and medicines. In fruits and in small quantities in the leaves contains toxic substance ginkgotoxin, which partially decomposed during the heat treatment. Additionally, the fruits have a very unpleasant smell, for this reason, cities are planted only male specimens. A piece of ginkgophyta: ulleo, In modern medicine, the extract from the leaves is widely used in many countries. It is believed that the preparation of Ginkgo improves blood circulation, reduces blood pressure, relieves the person with angina. In China there is a legend that a famous physician Li Ching-Yuen, who use the infusion of Ginkgo, lived 256 years. Due to the shape of the leaves widely different, intricately curved branches and stilt roots which appear in some old specimens, wood has a very fantastic view. Taoist sages believed that it helps in transported to the spirit world. To this end, the sages drew on the bark of an old tree magic spells. In the old Ginkgo groves, as people say, the particular spirit. In the midst of thousand year old trees, the person is aware of much in life, his body heals and gains a stack of vital energy. For landscapers and gardeners Ginkgo is also attractive in that it is not attacked by pests and it is not exposed to diseases. Creating the necessary conditions for life to this unique plant can be successfully engaged in the cultivation of the tree and in the Middle lane. Ginkgo tree in April, June, October and November. Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austriafor: Wolfgang H., Ginkgo is Usually propagated by seeds, rarely by green cuttings. You should know that fresh seeds have an excellent germination, but quickly lose it. Suggest before sowing the seeds in a month and a half to stratify in moist sand in a cool place in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. Then in March-April are planted in containers to a depth of 5 cm in a month begins to appear the seedlings. When the threat passes the frost, seedlings planted in open ground. To the soil Ginkgo no special requirements. Babies should be shaded from the scorching rays promptly watered and pull the weeds. Some gardeners recommend to feed the complex mineral fertilizer. Depending on the conditions of the autumn seedlings will be lifted off the ground at 15-20 cm In the Middle zone of Russia Ginkgo grows slowly and usually in the form of a Bush. If your region is experiencing a cold winter, in autumn the plants should with a lump of land to put in a box filled with coarse sand and keep in the basement. Botanical illustration from the book Siebold and Zuccarini Flora Japonica, Sectio Prima, 1870 Photo: in the Spring the seedlings are planted in a permanent place. The first 2-3 years for young plants need shade from midday sun, and regular watering. Also, before onset of frosts the plants should be warmed. Strong trees safely tolerate intermittent temperatures up to 30 degrees. Ginkgo can be grown in the apartment, it is necessary to provide him with a cold winter, in order not to disrupt the life cycle of the plant should lose leaves and relax. Often grown as bonsai, the Ginkgo. To get the fruit, it would be necessary to have a male and female plant. Bloom Ginkgo 30 years of life. To determine the gender of plants before flowering is quite difficult. Besides, the fruits have an unpleasant smell, and for medicinal purposes will require the leaves, so to worry about it should not — what will grow, then ours. The main thing that we have in the garden relict tree, which the case tells us about times past and will give the opportunity to heal your body....

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