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How is the ersatz life? :.: Article 17.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

At 7 a.m. Athanasius woke kabegami the sound of the old alarm clock. Crawl feet, looking for Slippers on the cold floor. They habitually settled back to the door. Wearing Slippers in the first place on the right leg, Athanasius in agreement with the ritual got out on the right foot! Further activity has occurred in automatic mode. Lit the burner, filled the kettle and put it on the fire. Shuffling his feet, went to the bathroom, opened the cold water tap and washed her face. Clean teeth felt today is not mandatory. Boiled kettle. Poured into a Cup with a broken handle, three spoon ersatz coffee, five tablespoons of sugar and poured boiling water on 2/3. While the coffee cooled down, Athanasius sniffed the smell of underwear. The smell was in the normal range of smell in society. Coffee drinking quickly because I was late, just a reflex fear "As if something happens!" have dominated critical assessment of the real situation. Pants, shiny in places, jacket, corduroy jacket, worn and aged, blunt shoes and finally the baseball cap. Athanasius ready to check-in to the workplace! Habitually closing the door and tugging the knob to control, Athanasius went outside. The transition from indoors to the outdoor space took place without any contradictory feelings, ordinary, at the level of instinct. Athanasius sat in the 55th bus, it goes to the right place. Showed the conductor passes and sat in the empty seat by the window. Thoughts do not arise, and slightly dopey smile fit the face. Coming to a stop, he walked 300 meters down the dirty street and entered the building of the Business center. The clock in the hall clock showed that before the work is 20 minutes. Access passed through the turnstile and boarded the lift, to 3 floors arrived surrounded by weakly smacks then carcasses of the office plankton. Excellent shot to pass the time of arrival to work: before the start — 10 minutes! Slowly took off his jacket and baseball cap, all hanging on a metal hanger in a recess of the wall. Hello colleagues, men shaking hands with women with a nod and the word "Hello" with the addition of the name. Before lunch according to the regulations once drank ersatz coffee. Athanasius at lunch walked into the dining room for economy class — 200 rubles per set. Lunch — time communication with colleagues. Taking the tray of food and paying at the cashier, he sat down at the table where sat the friends Ivan and Vania, as well as Anfisa and Olga. Ivan, as he ate the salad, he asked: — Go after work in the pub? — Yes where shall I go from a submarine! — Meet at the bus stop, and you girls, we'll wait! At 18.00 Athanasius put on a jacket and put it on top of a baseball cap. I left the building, walked to the bus stop, where he met friends and friends. Got into the bus, and everyone paid for themselves. Went on dirty streets, past the grey buildings with dirty Windows. Exactly 30 minutes took the trip. Entering the bar, the company cheered the smells and noise of a drunken community of their own kind. They took a table in the corner of the room and ordered a beer "Baltika-7" mug for brother and sister. Savoring and slowly drank half a slice, and came out of nothing talking about nothing. They are not important was the theme and the intellectual component of the conversation, there was the process of verbiage around the voids and also with a claim to secularism! They talked loudly, each trying to convey to all its uniqueness and originality, while sometimes confusing circles. Another empty content of the evening, filling the void of loneliness, came to an end. The company has gone to prisons and loneliness with a sense of obligatory action to fill my life ersatz communication. Athanasius went to 55th bus and clearly aware of the appropriateness and functionality of its life. When it is not necessary to read and think, but simply serve designed by someone intelligent. When you do not have to think about what you're doing at work in the office and just work in the automated mode. When still that you eat and drink, if only there was a fragrance and flavoring additive. In General, life in functional and automated Athanasius seemed to be the pinnacle of civility and tolerance! ...

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