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Do we know how to treat the flu? :.: Article 17.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In an old Soviet play one of the characters, "mad inventor", always told everyone about his invention, saying that he has developed a cure for the disease, which affects half of humanity, and when he was forced to formulate precise, embarrassed and said: "colds". Since then there has passed a lot of time. Are we able today to treat ARD/SARS? Therapists in community clinics exactly to distinguish between a cold and the flu (acute respiratory infections and SARS) are not able, just at the usual time in the cold writing in the hospital of acute respiratory infections, and during the declared flu epidemic write SARS. Sometimes suggesting a qualitative difference: that when the temperature of 37-38 degrees is cold, but if it comes down to 39-40, then this is certainly the flu. Although in reality the temperature for colds individual to each of the sick. Everyone remembers how people get cold. Begins to flow from the nose, attacks of cough and sneeze, fever, headache... the Doctor gives the sick and prescribes medicine. Photo: Depositphotos is Done, first, to flu-like sick, which could spread contagion in public transport, infecting new victims, and lie down and he prevailed cold. And, secondly, to overcome the symptoms and probally allotted time in relative comfort. Even on TV all sorts of ads for various Coldrex usually honestly say that the medication addresses the symptoms of the disease. For the time being. And the fact that it looked like it was capable of treatment flu — about it did not even say. The truth is, advertising remedies against flu symptoms harmful because it States that when you take medicine — you can return to work. That is to say, for the most irreplaceable, burning at work. Whereas, if, after disposing of medications symptoms of illness, flu-like sick going to work, it is, on the one hand, ruthlessly infects your flu of all men, next to which will be. And on the other hand, workloads will just cause all sorts of complications of the flu gets a chance to develop in a person, at the expense of his health. But the complications of the flu can be terrible. If people suppress flu symptoms all these koldreks and try to work as if nothing had happened, the flu will continue its work with him. And possible complications on the heart, brain, other internal organs or joints. To bring down symptoms is not a treatment!Photo: Depositphotos in myocarditis disturbances of heart contractions. Needs urgent treatment, and in extreme cases may require the installation of a pacemaker. When pericarditis may require pumping of the fluid accumulating in the pericardium is not too simple operation. Cerebral disorders require immediate and prolonged treatment. And most importantly, all of these disorders need to be identified and begin to heal. How much, at the beginning of the SARS to take the ballot to lie down on the sofa, covered with a blanket, and start to drink tea and take medicine. The same powders or effervescent water-soluble tablets — the symptoms that the body was easier to move the temperature rise. Antibiotics to prevent possible bacterial complications most of those inflammations of internal organs. Antiviral drugs — States that is actually from the flu, but... Let the body cope with salesnote: Depositphotos doctors Themselves say that in fact, a flu of the person being treated when lying on the couch, sick, and his body — with minimal medication conquers the disease. Copious hot drink, a change of regime, consisting in the refusal of the bustle, lemon, honey, raspberries help in the treatment of colds is not less than the prescribed drugs. And — prevention. That caught man flu, an epidemic came — and his body to her already prepared, the blood has antibodies. Such people are either not sick, or easily take the flu. That's just... Viruses are too evolving. Vaccinated against one virus, and outbreak of another — then the immune system will not help, antibodies in the blood is not ready to neutralize this virus. But currently identified more than 2000 different types of flu viruses! At the time, the pandemic "Spanish flu" in 1918-1919 killed worldwide, up to 100,000,000 people, which is many times more than this raged before the First world war. The pandemic was caused by H1N1 virus. Hot drink, lemon, honey, help not less than lekarstvami: Depositphotos In 2009-2010 was also a pandemic of "Mexican flu" once again the people were sick around the world. And doctors have found that the virus that caused this epidemic was the H1N1, which is almost a hundred years before that killed 5% of the total population of the Earth. But this time the victims were much smaller — about the same as usual during epidemics of influenza. Apparently, we just inherited from our grandparents protection from the once deadly "Spanish flu". But what will happen if there is an equally aggressive virus as the "Spanish flu", causing the death of 5% of all infected? We're on Earth is now 7 billion, in this case, the number of victims will be hundreds of millions. So don't feel too down to treat SARS — a can be fraught. Take care of yourself and treat yourself right....

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