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What scientists predicted for 2020? :.: Article 18.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Stumbled in the Internet on a very interesting file. A group of scientists in January 2010 tried to predict the state of society in 2020. The term seems to be not yet completely passed, but, nevertheless, it is already possible to compare. First, a few words about projects that are not yet implemented, though in 2010 it seemed to many that implement them will not be easy. Scientist from Switzerland Henry Markram believed that in 2020 appears software modeled on the computer is a full analogue of the human brain. Hope this gave rapid convergence of electronic technologies and breakthroughs in genetics. In principle, it was already clear how the biological brain. And create its electronic equivalent seemed a mission impossible. But now scientists say that the acting is not worse than human artificial intelligence is unlikely to appear in 2050. Glimpse of the future?Photo: ronymichaud, One of the problems is that the artificial brain needs to cultivate. More precisely — to self-learn. Even the most powerful computer still can not independently (without programs) to solve anything. Formed a logical impasse. To the simulated brain could start to improve, you need a special program for him, which is not. But they are not for the reason that programmers unknown algorithms the emergence of artificial consciousness. Technically, you can "collect" a very sophisticated mechanical robot. But no more. Salvador Dali, "the Moon"Photo: Scientists from the United States believed that in 2020 will become a regular space tourist flights to the moon. However this is unlikely and in another ten years. Although, of course, on the international space station (ISS) already visited by some tourists. But this does not mean that open the road for tourists to the moon. While it may be only on the resumption of programmes of study of the moon and in the long term about building it inhabited bases with interchangeable crews. The main problem is that the flight to the moon — it is extremely expensive. I. I. Levitan, "Twilight. Moon", 1899 Photo: English scientist George Mcgavin in 2010 believed that ten years on our planet will stop burning fuels for power plants, which pollute the atmosphere with harmful emissions. The needs of civilization for energy will be, say, to be met through the use of alternative energy — solar, wind, tidal, thermal. Alas, this prediction also should be attributed in the more distant future. The whole point is that alternative sources of energy are not engaged in full-scale in any country. Arkhip Kuindzhi "moonlit night on Dnepr", 1880 Photo: One of the predictions that came true before the year 2020 computer technology in medicine. Have the opportunity to change DNA. Not entirely, of course, and cut from it and paste it in a separate chain, thus curing hereditary diseases that were considered incurable before. Significant progress since 2010 has occurred in the area of our life. Is not new in the so-called "smart house", which previously only wrote science fiction writers. Using a mobile phone at a distance to control devices in his apartment, away from her. V. M. Maksimov, "dreams of the future", 1868 Photo: Cars with autopilot also appeared before 2020. However, in mass production they are still not running. But it's the nearest future. If to summarize, the forecasts from 2010 come true about a third. It should particularly be noted that these predictions are not concerned of global warming on the planet with the possibility of a rapid rise in global sea level, of the complicated political situation with the threat of a third world war and the emerging overpopulation of the Earth. But these problems are much more important than the above....

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