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How to learn to read body language? Space :.: Article 18.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Many years ago I had to radically change the sphere of activity. It was the same 90, which are later overgrown with bright epithets. There was no choice, the market reached the most active: teachers, doctors, engineers, veterinarians, and even candidates of Sciences. This is the time when in between customer service, raged the most interesting disputes of the intelligentsia. Being in an alien environment for many commodity-money relations had not simply to adapt, but also to influence the environment. To lose we could not, it is not ambition, but a matter of survival. Reasoning that "nothing is impossible for a man with intelligence", we began to explore marketing techniques. However, then the word that few knew, the information was not as available. We stormed bookstores. Books on technology sales. Haphazardly, more on a whim, have mastered the wisdom of the trade. Later came the understanding that the relationship of buyer-seller built on the same canons as any other relationship. Psychology was decisive. Observe, compare, analyze, we grind my own method, which, as it turned out, was systematized and described before us. We knew nothing about the works of Philip Kotler or Pareto principles, we haven't heard about silent, but this right, of body language, so fully deciphered a rippling. Relationship buyer-seller, built by the same canons as any other otnosheniyami: Depositphotos to sum up this activity, I wrote the book "Instinct buy" his first book. Almost 15 years has taught me many things, the lot opened with an unexpected side. For example, the skill of reading facial expressions and gestures. Realizing that to get the primary ideas of the client only a few minutes, is quite full of scans, calculate the slightest movement of the body. The body is slightly deviated, the buyer made a slight movement back — to urgently change tactics, communication is not fun. His head slightly bent, hands move forward, time to move on to the active presentation. Movement of body, arms, shoulders, touch, smiles, glances — messages which are difficult to control. This is what gives us the interlocutor. The theme of physiognomy and non-verbal communication is gaining popularity. Many training courses offer learning to "read". But is it possible to learn this science by yourself? This series of articles — in fact, a short course in sign language. Charles Chaplin in the film "Escape in the car"Photo: it is believed that the founders of the science of non-verbal signals are the actors of silent movies. For them, body movements, facial expressions, gestures is the only means of conveying information. A real guru mimic the broadcast was Charlie Chaplin. The first letter of the "alphabet of the body" — space. An important category that defines the General background of communication. Distinguish 4 types of space: Intimate: up to 0.5 meters. Space for the family. The invasion of outsiders perceived it as aggression. A classic example. Have you ever wondered why nice people are irritating when you go with you in public transport? Do not want to be perceived negatively, do not violate boundaries of personal space. The second type of space — interpersonal: 0.5 to 1.2 m. at this distance communication is easier to achieve mutual understanding. The closer the distance, the more confidence. Social is determined by the parameters of 1.2 m — 2.6 m. This distance is optimal for conducting business negotiations. The beginning of any negotiations for the upper end of these measurements, giving a signal of respect. Over 2.6 meters of public space, distance to communicate with the group. 50 cm — private space, for the most bliskavice: Depositphotos Speaking of space, it is important to mention the significance of the objects in it. If the partner is fenced off from you folder, bag, etc., he feels the tension. The movement of the subject in an intimate area shows of interest. That is why many sellers are educated on questionable courses, so eager to give the product in your hands. Comfort is also determined by the position of Windows and doors. The most relaxed person feels with his back to the wall, and open Windows and doors cause stress in an unfamiliar environment. But the biggest discomfort brings the passing of someone behind, it's our body language body perceives as unclear risk. Have you ever wondered what the shape of the table in negotiations creates a certain atmosphere? The round tables create a special, atmospherethat: Depositphotos of Ease, of trust, of intimacy contributes to a round shape. It's a sign of the same situation, a sign of equal partnership. The square shape enhances the rivalry, at that table was good to spend a brief chat or to illustrate the powers. The perfect place for rectangular table, facing the door. Gestures, movements of rapprochement or distancing, items between partners — all signals to establish the correct distance in the negotiations. To be continued... ...

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