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Was it possible to travel by hitchhiking across the entire Soviet Union in 1974? :.: Article 18.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

No. To clarify, we are talking about the journey, the hitch from Leningrad to the far East. The road ended at the Sochi in the Chita region. In 1974, we five people (four students and one postgraduate student) — decided cheap to see the country. It can be done it one way — hitchhiking. This trip, the hitch free of charge. The money goes only to food. However, the fact that we don't pay money, it is necessary to warn the driver in advance to avoid trouble. I gave this idea to my wife, then a student of the Leningrad Institute of fine mechanics and optics, and three of her classmates. But where to go? Our country pulse, therefore, only to the East. I have been to the far East with the construction crew and knew from personal experience that the money for the trip, you can quickly earn on Putin chum salmon in the Lower Amur. And went. Two pairs. First — spouses Anna and Yuri Egorov, the second is my wife Ablesimov Luba and her girlfriend Nadia Kostenko. I have completed one, as a more experienced to monitor the situation on the road and not to lose anyone. Met at the intersection of the road and set the river on a bridge over 300-350 km. It seemed to be the most reliable collection point for the night. I already knew from previous trips that the average travel speed on the road, including waiting time of cars is 36 km/h. Some drivers take such trips? Mainly two varieties. First — those who are just boring to drive alone for long distances. They must talk all the time. Second — just geeks in the best sense of the word. They don't care, but I wonder — where are the kids in the construction brigades jackets gathered. To the Urals were taking an average of every 20th car in Siberia — every 10th. Safely move in pairs. Slept in tents, food in the morning and in the evening was cooked on the fire, and in the afternoon snacking in seesko (canteens, fast food on the road — quite cheap and quality). To lake Baikal 6000 km we covered in 16 days with stops. Changed, on average, 40 trucks. The automobile was a luxury item and the companions did not take. The road ended in the Chita region, so from Rostov-on-don to Khabarovsk got on the train. From Khabarovsk to Nikolaevsk-on-Amur by ship. Only in this way we understand that Russia is mainly located in the Urals. The geographic center is on the Meridian North of Krasnoyarsk is 5000 km from Leningrad. In Chnyrrakh on the banks of the Amur estuary we are three weeks salted salmon on the fish farm. Earned 170 rubles That was enough for the return plane Nikolaevsk-on-Amur — Leningrad. Meeting people, conversations, scenery, chum salmon, caviar made such an impression that stories about this lead to the effect of "open mittens" so far. Yet another result. After graduation my wife and I went to work in Khabarovsk, where he worked in various organizations for 30 years. As I joke: "And for the greater crime give a lesser sentence". In 1999, the twenty-fifth anniversary trip we decided to mark the opposite way — from Khabarovsk to Petersburg, but the two of us. The wife said, "If not collapse, then we get". Still we were 50 years. There have already appeared the likeness of the road Khabarovsk-Chita and 10,500 kilometers we covered in 18 days, with stops. One significant difference is to take were mostly passenger cars and vans (out of 72 cars 55 were light — more comfort). The trucks were afraid of robbery. Loaded truckers do not take, and empty was 17. Everything else is the same. Of course, the flow of cars has increased dramatically, which facilitated the landing. Still hitchhiking — the cheapest way to see the country and learn of her people. Highly recommend. But tip: this road will be mastered by only those who are "under every Bush and at home." The rest is not recommend — namuchaetes....

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