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What types of peels are available for face at home? :.: Article 18.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Peeling is a cosmetic procedure which removes dead skin cells, cleansing the skin. There are two types of peeling, which differ in the depth and method of impact: mechanical and chemical exfoliation. Mechanical cleaning — a procedure in cosmetology, removes the upper layers of the epidermis. Actions are performed manually or by hardware. Chemical cleaning — the process of deep cleansing of the skin with the use of products that causes a chemical burn of the skin to a certain depth controlled. He starts to move when the defects of the dermis (acne, scars, age spots). Scrubbing is one of the popular ways of exfoliative: Depositphotos At home used mechanical method of skin treatment, divided into the following subtypes: Scrub. One of the popular methods of exfoliation. During the event, apply the funds, which include crushed stone fruits, butter and other ingredients. Here it is used as industrial cosmetics in the form of scrubs, gels, peelings, and cooked according to national recipes. The composition is made independently of the funds includes sea salt, coffee, natural oils, milled grains of wheat and oat flakes. Scrub — gentle exfoliation, practicing both ways. The remedy for it contains organic acids, enzymes. With their help, softening the top layer of skin, sebaceous plugs. After drying, the composition is gently rolled with gentle movements, face washes warm water. Brossazh, brushing — includes hardware and mechanical procedure. It used beauty appliances with multiple interchangeable tips. Rotating, the nozzle is removed from the skin dead skin cells, making clean and smooth face. At home do not apply sophisticated instruments. Brushing — includes hardware and mechanical procedureto: Depositphotos Technique of cleansing hands. A small amount of material is applied on the skin along the massage lines. With fingertips in a circular motion, not pressing on the skin, the cleansing is performed. The procedure time is 1-2 minutes. The rest of cleaned warm water with the discs. Action home peels: gentle softening dead skin cells, removing blackheads and impurities from the skin, the alignment of skin relief, improving its color; helping in better absorption of nutrients, moisturizers; preventing the appearance of facial wrinkles; reduction in the rate of the water balance. Recipes peeling. The composition of the peeling can be prepared from conventional productfoto: Depositphotos To lighten dark spots, freckles: 1 piece of medium raw potato, grated. 5 drops of olive oil. 1 tablespoon of fresh milk. The same amount of almonds, crushed in a mortar. Peeling be performed according to the technique. To cleanse the skin there are the following recipes. Dry skin. Crushed coffee beans, sour cream or vegetable oil mix in a ratio of 1:1. Apply to clean moisturized skin. Wash off after 10-15 minutes with cold water. You can perform the procedure, according to the technique. Oily skin. The ingredients are the same, but instead of sour cream is added to kefir or yogurt. Cleansing combination skin: ground oatmeal, baking soda, honey in equal amounts; 1 raw egg yolk. Thoroughly mix the composition and to perform peeling under hand technique. Rinse with cool water. Preventing facial wrinkles: 3 tbsp cocoa of good quality; 100 g brown sugar; 1 teaspoon olive oil. All stirred, peeling, rinse with warm water. You must remember that after peeling of a face superimposed nourishing or hydrating mask for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse it with cool water. Photo: Depositphotos Before performing peeling procedures, it is wise to know your skin type; an intolerance to some components; the peel is applied to clean skin; the purification is carried out in the absence of large wounds and acne on the face; contraindications; it is advisable to deal with them in the evening, when there is no need of going outside. Facials are a necessary part of self-care for every woman. Proper conduct peeling at home will help your skin stay healthy, retain her youth. ...

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