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How to lose weight sweet tooth? :.: Article 18.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Those who earnestly took the decision to reduce weight and have turned to nutrition, but has no power to refuse to sweet, we'll try to help. What is a proper diet to lose excess weight? First, it is a balanced diet. Second, though not so important, the lack of calories. And most importantly — the balance of macronutrients, and if you simply to minimize the carbohydrates in the diet. But what man, accustomed to sweet foods? Waiver of sweet, and even more dramatic failure is a huge stress to the body. And stress is the hormone cortisol, accumulating fat reserves and Deplete muscle tissue. The effect of cortisol — not that other, as preparation of the organism to waiting out the hard times by energy storage (adipose tissue) and the elimination of sources of energy consumption (unnecessary, as it seems to the body, muscle tissue). It is first necessary to abandon persecute: Depositphotos on the other hand, eating sweet and starchy foods, we stimulate the production of the hormone insulin perfectly cope with the role of the conductor of glucose into all tissues of the body, a surplus which it sends to fat depots. Not refusing from sweet, gain weight with insulin, and in the opposite case, slow down metabolism, gain fat and destroy muscle under the influence of cortisol. What kind of weight loss may be involved in this case? But the way out of this situation is, and it is quite simple. You first need to abandon snacking. Your diet is roughly estimated at three meals? Great, so sweet and you can eat three times a day. No wonder the meal there is such a thing as a dessert. It is the dessert drink at the end of lunch or dinner. The reasonableness of this behavior is that, eating sweet after the main dishes, we don't run the risk of excessive insulin production. He simply produced from eating any food. And under the "guise" lunch we'll enjoy the sweet without the fat. Using the same sweet outside the main meals, we keep insulin production, which completely blocks the fat loss mechanisms. Moreover, eat a lot of sweets on a full stomach is not so easy, which is also very beneficial. Insulin blocks fat burning more and by suppressing hormone, rotafota: Depositphotos Some reservations deserve dinner. With sweet snacks all clear, but sweet at night deserves special analysis. The fact that insulin inhibits fat burning more and by suppression of growth hormone secretion. The most effective time for this hormone night, where he perfectly restores muscle tissue, burns fat and generally helps the body to recover completely. Accordingly, night carbohydrates — our most evil enemy. But sweet want. For particularly suffering from the sweet tooth there is the possibility of replacing the simple carbohydrates of natural vegetable. When used, for example, one or two fruits we will not be able to get a great value of carbohydrates due to the high content of water. Kind and sweet, and tasty, but not particularly harmful. The first time you'll need the patience and strength of polyfoto: Depositphotos by using these recommendations it is necessary to reduce the consumption of sweets. Of course, this does not solve the problem completely, but these simple tips will help to fight the cravings gradually and effectively and not burdensome emotional state....

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