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Dollar in anticipation of the fed's protocols continues to grow against the yen

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Dollar not planning to make any sudden movements until the publication of the FOMC minutes, though he managed to strengthen against the yen, as stronger risk appetite dampened the demand for the Japanese currency. In General, Japanese currency, considered a safe haven, surrendered, and Japanese stocks rose to new two-month highs. Currently, the yen moved to deep defense. This plays into the hands of the dollar in this pair. We will remind, on Tuesday the dollar rose against the yen after the Bank of Japan said that Central Bank was "ready to increase stimulus if the sharp rise in the yen would harm the economy." If you look, the Bank of Japan there are not many options, even if he really decides to act. But the global trend starting in the United States, Europe, and Australia, moves towards a more lenient policy, and the Bank of Japan corresponds to this trend.

as for the dollar, attempts of market participants to predict its value in terms of dovish fed policy, holds the currency on the defensive. The yield on 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds fell sharply to an 11-week low before the publication of the fed minutes. The dollar steadily rose in price last week, but the demand for liquid dollar recently waned amid optimism that the new round of talks between China and the United States will help to resolve their trade dispute. It should be noted that the yuan rose after Bloomberg reported that the United States insisted on a promise from China that it will not devalue the yuan in trade deals.

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