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Birthday — a sad holiday if the Bank thinks your passport is invalid and will block access to accounts, and deposits. Whether legitimate such actions?

FINTECH and digitalization can break about the usual bureaucracy. It happened with a few readers of the Telegram-channel "Finaid". They complained about the actions of banks that take customers from remote services after the "banging" of 45 years. Banks require individuals to provide the new passport details for identification, but the procedure is available only in the offices. Such rules, for example, operate in Sovcombank and PSB.

"February 1 friend 45 years old. You have to leave all the money and even a brokerage account. No call, no word. Just lock the personal account and card. Require to bring a new document in any office," wrote one reader Telegram channel.

a similar situation recently faced and employee Darya. The girl had changed a Russian passport after marriage, and almost immediately received notification from Alfa-Bank. "One day I went to Alfa-Bank by phone to clarify the terms of transfer of money to the account. And in response I received a warning that I need to urgently provide to the Bank a new passport because the old passport, according to them, is no more valid, also I need to write an application for reissue of cards with a new name," said Daria. Information about the recent registration of marriage, the Bank received very quickly, she said.

"the Bank Employee explained that within 45 days from the date of receipt by the Bank of information that the customer data is invalid, I may be (but not necessarily) disabled some features in the mobile Bank, the Internet Bank and, in particular, transfers between own accounts", — said the employee of the

the client are out of Date

By law, Russians are obliged to apply for a new passport at least twice — after 20 and 45 years. On the interaction with the registration authorities within 30 days from the date of birth. However, a passport ceases to be valid immediately after overcoming the age limit, says partner of the law firm "Kosenkov Suvorov" Konstantin Suvorov, referring to explanations of the Supreme court from 2006.

To the Bank this situation is critical. The fact is that credit institutions are required to regularly update customer information. It is written in 115-FZ ("law On counteraction against laundering of income obtained by criminal means and financing of terrorism") and the Bank of Russia regulation No. 499-P. If the Bank is not confident that information about a person or organization relevant, he has the right to refuse to carry out operations, said chief managing Director of Sovcombank Andrey Spivakov. He confirmed that in such cases, the credit organization you need to block client access to remote banking services. PSB, who had also received complaints not responded to the request of the

"For VTB this question is not relevant. Client access to digital channels and transactions on the accounts after the change document is not locked", — said the press service of the state Bank. The representatives of "Russian Standard" declared that the Bank does not resort to such measures, but confirmed the existence of such practices. In Tinkoff Bank remote services are blocked in the case when the client refuses to provide the documents required for the enforcement of legislation. Sberbank exceptions are made only for the operations on transfer of money to the account — they will be held even if the client data obsolete.

the Credit institution, indeed, may not perform payment orders of the client, if there is no information about existing documents, confirms Konstantin Suvorov. However, if a person has no new Russian passports, the operation can be carried out on the travel document or temporary identity document, the lawyer added.

Whom to celebrate round date — you or the Bank?

"At this point in Sovcombank customized automated procedures for monitoring the validity of the passport age", — says Andrey Spivakov. The relevance of the data also tracked Raiffeisen Bank, Tinkoff Bank, Bank "Russian Standard" and the "East".

Many lending institutions remind customers about the upcoming holiday. The communication channel here selects the Bank, it can be an email reminder in the chat online Bank or mobile apps. Among the interviewed organizations highlighted savings Bank. There do not keep track of clients, which may soon be replaced by the passport, and not remind them about the replacement of documents.

However, in their demands to the consumers the banks are nearly unanimous: the obligation to propagate the updated information, they are often fixed for a person.

"the Requirement for the client to report any changes in the documents stated in the General conditions on deposits", — said the press service of "Russian Standard". The timing of the provision of such information is specified in the Bank account agreement, said Raiffeisenbank and Sberbank.

Tinkoff Bank gives the user a response seven working days from the time of detection of false data. Have Sovcombank such period for investors. Borrowers must meet more stringent requirements to five working days.

"the Duty immediately or within a short period in writing, inform the Bank about change of any information about the identity of the client is not provided regulatory and practice is recognized to infringe on the rights of the consumer," says Konstantin Suvorov. According to him, employees of the credit organizations themselves should take measures to clarify the data, and not to pass it on to citizens.

Check without turnout

Lock due to the change of the passport are not the only unpleasant thing in dealing with the banks. Most readers of the Telegram-channel "Finaid" complained about the need to come to office with a new document. "Bad FINTECH", said the Creator of the chat. He noticed that some players do not require the attendance of the customers and are content with copies of the necessary passport pages. Among them — Tinkoff Bank and "Russian Standard".

the press service of the latter confirmed that to inform the Bank about changes in the documents, indeed, can remotely in chat rooms online and mobile Bank or via e-mail. However, man is in any case recommended to confirm the information in the Bank.

"Meeting with the client when updating information is not necessary. The Bank may obtain new documents remotely. In particular, in the passport on the last page contains information about the previous passport, which is proof that this client has got this new passport," said the Tinkoff Bank.

Others interviewed credit institutions have recognized that re-identification of the customer requires the attendance to the office. Why is it so different approaches of the banks?

"For some operations, including the operations of DBS, provides for simplified identification," — said the Director of methodology and standardization of Positive Technologies Dmitry Kuznetsov. He, however, stresses that a copy of the transferred document should be duly certified.

"Literally, it means that the client in any case must personally visit the Bank branch to submit or passport, or notarized paper copy. For electronic copies no assurance procedure", — the expert adds.

In practice it turns out that some banks are violating the procedure of identification, says a specialist major IT company. Copy of passport, made and certified by a Bank employee shall be deemed as proof of identification. "But copies cannot be set, was it made by the employee personally or received electronically from the customer, so banks often allow customers to send in their own scans," explains the interlocutor of the To prove irregularities in the test is extremely difficult, and banks it greatly simplifies life, sums up the expert. In other words, "good FINTECH" in FINTECH on the brink of legality.


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