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How to draw tank

My Baby 17.02.2019 at 21:25

Internet magazine for young parents

Imagine a large armored vehicle which can move on any surface. It has no wheels, but he moves with a crawler. He has a long gun, firing point-blank range, which is at the top of the movable part. Learn about what is it? Today we will learn how to draw a tank. And yet, it is used during military action, so we'll add a peek-a-Boo tank.

Before you answer the question how to draw a tank, we will check the availability of materials for a picture of the tank:

1. White sheet;

2. Mechanical/lead pencil;

3. Eraser;

4. Colored pencils (black, gray, green, two shades of green, light brown).

5. A thin black marker/liner.

now back to the question how to draw a tank pencil step by step:

1. Quite simple to understand how to draw a tank step by step, is just to be careful and to repeat every step. Start drawing the Foundation for the tank. Draw the length and width. We need to show the reversal (three quarters). The front part of the tank will be rotated to the right. Add parallel lines, making the lanes wider.

2. Select the side of the tank. Add the front canopy that will cover crawler belt.

3. Will Prorsum main body, which is located in the middle, between the crawler tracks. It slightly tapers towards the top. Area of tracks a little lower below, expanding the front part.

4. Further Prorsum movable upper part of the tank. It will be more rounded than the previous part. Top left will open the lid, which will see tanker.

5. On the right, add the long barrel of the gun. His end will be wider than the base. On the basis of the tank will add more figures resembling a rectangle.

6. Will Prorsum caterpillar, showing its texture. Inside the caterpillar are large wheels and one small that is ahead. On the barrel of the gun hole and added several points along its length. Now we begin to understand how to draw a tank pencil.

7. Draw tanker. It will not be too visible. Only his helmet, part of his face and shoulders. Make the eyes narrowed, the tip of the nose down, and the lips were a little twisted.

8. Let's outline the contours of fine liner or marker. A simple pencil can be removed with an eraser. At this stage we can safely use the lesson to answer the question how to draw a tank for kids.

9. Grey pencil need to show the shadow on the tank. Will Prorsum near the path along the edge.

10. Clothes and helmet tanker we will do under the "camouflage". Use light green and dark green.

11. Tank Prorsum two shades of green. One green must have cool shade closer to blue color, and the second – a warm shade.

12. Will Prorsum wheel light brown color. Add some shadows using black.

13. Figure the tank is ready! Now you know how to draw a tank.

Our video tutorial "How to draw a tank"! Happy viewing and see you at the next drawing lesson!

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