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Why the way it is dangerous to mock the wife? :.: Article 24.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

This story happened a long time ago, 60 years ago, if not more. Railways for the most part were still not electrified, and they rightfully reigned steam engines: a thorough and self-righteous black samovars on the big red iron wheels. And since they were the main animal traction railway, and the whole infrastructure was sharpened by them. Not that major stations, but almost each more or less significant halt in front of the platform was located fueling the engine with water — a sort of large rotary pipe, the boiler of a locomotive assistant driver poured water. Vladimir Golubkov, the personal archive will Approach another train, the engine will fill with water, a fireman thrown into the furnace of coal — and iron machine, clanking to a couple of clubs and connecting rods probuksovyvanija on the rails, slowly begins his steady run to the horizon. Cars, durable trailer to it, only timidly tapped at the joints of the rail, acknowledging his superiority and power. A majestic sight! And to make passengers happier and more comfortable had to go to the destination, they are also taken care of: usually in the beginning and end of the passenger platform has been detached buildings-booth with the sign "VAT", sometimes "hot water", "Capatilist". There's a fireman, he's a scapegoat, he's a crawler and a lot more "doer", supported round-the-clock fire in cubes with hot water. Hence people got their water in a way: both cold and hot water for tea. Who was more experienced, your journey has taken, well, many hoped for a small fee to borrow a healthy, liters to two and a half kettle aluminum from the conductor. He was always good enough. Maybe sometimes free kettle was bad enough, but this can not confirm, still small was. I remember that the rumor at the time was the expression: "Free only hot water at the station happen!" I know for a fact, I saw myself in the sleeping cars first class conductors carried hot water from the bottom in large, bucket bags, their other passengers had to skip out of turn. And the rest of your legs, "please shave". Usually he jumped down from the steps before a complete stop of the train and fled, taking place. The people of a lot, to drink tea or to wash want. Ago jumped quite often already on the move, sometimes behind the train. God forbid at the same station a troop train which stands or "virgin soil". There narodima will — not break to the sacred cranes, sit without tea to the next halt. Vladimir Golubkov, the personal archive And what to do? I am ashamed to say, but now you can: the titans on coal and firewood, and electricity, began to appear in cars in our country only by the end of 50-ies, and even then not everywhere. Without water travel was impossible. What on coal, fuel oil steam engine smoked mercilessly. He is not afraid, he's still black from birth has always been, but passengers are not sweet. Not close close the Windows, and the soot and the fumes still penetrated everywhere. The people met in the car, talking, remembering their stories, and sometimes not at first. I will have to go sometimes for a long time had. Often get tired of each other that only remains in a dirty smoked glass to watch from morning to evening. But sometimes life is better than any of the narrator, such stories are throws, just hold on! On the train ride. ...Remember, at some small station early in the morning we got on the carriage, two new passengers, a man and a woman. A tall man heavily panting silently, carrying a suitcase and a bag, and the woman continued to scold him for something worth. Cry, noise, people immediately pricked up his ears. All was interesting, all the variety! New travel located on open land, scattered belongings and when the train began to move away from the platform, the woman said with malice: Well, I left my Bottoms? You even joke about that... And then, after a short acquaintance, the car heard a new story... As it turns out, they are a young couple, going on a vacation to distant relatives in Northern Kazakhstan. My husband bought tickets to the second-class carriage, located almost immediately behind the locomotive, at the beginning of the composition. Gathered, took the Goodies and went. Good company in the compartment. And that in the road, a normal car business, talking, tea, stories, anecdotes with jokes. On the road don't want to miss... When the train stopped at one station, the wife asked the husband, sitting closer to the window: — what Is that station? He looked at the sign outside the window and says: — "VAT" of some sort... Go on, even after some time, again the situation is repeated. The husband again says about Cubic, beginning to understand something. But seeing as it reacted to the surrounding the simple words of the wife that it's probably such a long station, joined in the game. Decided to play along polivalencia companions, to amuse the people. In the evening they drove up to the station "Kuibyshev", but after passing the center of the platform, stopped again at the booth labeled "hot water." — Well see, said the husband, Cubic finally passed, and now the station "Boiling water"... All who heard the beginning of this drawing, begin to quietly sprinkle in a fist, but gradually, the car quiets down. Evening, the car gradually sinking into sleep. What terror and bewilderment experienced poor woman, when, looking now a sleepless night in the window, and saw with my own eyes once again the inscription on the building "VAT". All the thoughts in my head instantly went awry: — what is it! We're somewhere in Kamchatka geyser hot water going? The Boiling water, again this VAT... Again it all mixed up! Or on the wrong train, sat down, or to some circle line! Will have to get off that train... Shook sleepy, does not understand her husband, and seizing things, they popped out of the retreating already the composition, being in the middle of a vast and desolate. Well at least that the family of railway men to keep them company until the next morning train. The boiling water from the "Bottoms" that night they were not only free, but without the bustle and queues. Here's without any invention turned a railroad story. Woman, remember, talking, laughing then young and contagious, constantly podrachivaya husband. And he assented, but was a Downer. Probably, boiling water on the station was a "not so", or maybe took an oath for life over his wife to mock......

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