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What to see in North-West Russia? Unlock Silver necklace with us :.: Article 25.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

This year Community Petersburg bloggers is preparing a series of expeditions "Opening Silver necklace". Just from February to October, seven scheduled two-week road trips (and a couple non-automotive), during which we will visit the most interesting places of the North-West of Russia. And I, as the Navigator of this project, I want to tell you some details about our plans. Silver necklace of Russia — new inter-regional tourism project, which includes the complex routes that combine cities, towns, and villages that have preserved their unique historical and cultural monuments and natural sites. It is a clone of the Golden ring, in North West performance. Silver necklace covers all the subjects of the North-West Federal district: St.-Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Kaliningrad, Leningrad, Murmansk, Pskov, Novgorod regions, the republics of Karelia and Komi and the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. In our expeditions all the amber placers of the Baltic seashore to the cold rocky shores of the Barents sea, from the magical sleepless white nights of St. Petersburg to the emerald glow of the Aurora above the Arctic tundra, from the old German cities of East Prussia and the Swedish-Finnish Vyborg to an abandoned wooden churches of the Russian North, from the ancient Pskov and Novgorod fortresses to majestic Northern monasteries, from mysterious prehistoric petroglyphs and labyrinths Saami Sade to the mysterious weathering pillars of the Manpupuner plateau... Photo: Vladimir Kezling the start of the first stage today. In the course of it we will visit the Vologda oblast, the Komi Republic and Nenets Autonomous Okrug. In April we will go to Kaliningrad oblast. In may will tell you everything and more about St. Petersburg and its suburbs. In June we will go to Pskov and Novgorod region. In July explore the Western part of the Vologda region, take a ride in Karelia around lake Onega and will participate in the festival of traditional shipbuilding and navigation "Kizhi regatta". In August one of our group will travel to the Solovetsky Islands, the other to the weathering pillars of the Manpupuner plateau. In September we will visit the Arkhangelsk region. The last expedition out in the framework of our project will be held in October — we will go to the Kola Peninsula, where, if all goes well, we get to the northernmost point of European part of Russia — Cape German. In General, if without details, General map of all our moves will look like this: Photo: Vladimir Kezling All this future plans, and yet, little information about our first stage. 14 days expedition we will pass through Vologda region, look at a visit to the Grandfather frost and Mother Winter, then you will go to the North of the Komi Republic, where winter will try to reach Naryan-Mar, the capital of the Nenets Autonomous district, after which, if all goes well, celebrate carnival in the village of Yb and will participate in national ritual celebration Drywall go Ahead in the village of Vizinga. Briefly, our route will look as follows: 26 February — the start from Moscow.27 Feb — Vologda.February 28 — Falcon.March 1 to tot'ma.March 2 — the Great Ustyug.March 3 — Sankt-Peterburg and Ust-Vym.March 4 — Ukhta.March 5 — Pechora.March 6 — Naryan-Mar.March 7 — Pechora.March 8 — moving from Pechora to Syktyvkar.9 Mar — Syktyvkar and Yb.March 10 — Vizinga.On the evening of March 11, we have to finish in Moscow. And on March 12 I plan to return to St. Petersburg. Technically, this is the most complex of all phases of the project: tiring of the long daily runs, some days — almost 700 km, polar capricious weather, unpredictable ice road across the frozen river and, finally, the winter road to Naryan-Mar, which at any moment may be closed because of a snowstorm indefinitely... But we were waiting for: the capital of three regions — Vologda, Syktyvkar and Naryan-Mar, the patrimony of father Frost and the residence of the Mother of Winter, piercing the darkness of the Northern night, the lights of oil rigs and if you are lucky iridescent flashes of the Aurora in the frosty sky, the Northern folk festivals, the national Shrine and much more. I hope that by our example, we will show you how to travel on native open spaces in the winter — well, even if we are talking about the inhospitable far North. Forget about other countries, now is the time to travel to Russia, I tell you. Wondering where to go in the North-West of Russia, what to see and how much it will cost? This and many other things read in the near future on in my blog Follow us on telegram: And of course in all social networks: the Title of the expedition hashtag — #openSO2019...