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How to care for products made of natural fur? :.: Article 25.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Clothes from natural fur is the dream of almost every woman. Not only is she warm and easy. It's an expensive thing where the woman feels like a Queen. However, becoming the owner of the coat, care should be taken to the tier garment has not lost its appearance and lasts as long as possible. How to extend the life of fur? There are a number of useful rules on care of fur products: 1. After returning home from the street, immediately you need to shake the coat to remove droplets of water or dust. Be sure to use a wide coat hanger when cleaning his coat in the closet. 2. If the fur is wet, in any case it is not necessary to dry it near a heating device. Hang the coat on a hanger and not on metalcote: Depositphotos 3. It is undesirable to sweat when wearing a fur coat. This can lead to the fact that the membrane, the salty soaked with moisture, will cease to be elastic and becomes brittle. 4. In summer, keep your fur in a closed closet, in a covered, avoid that pile of jammed. Do not forget about the tool against moths. 5. Do not forget from time to time to ventilate the coat. For this approach the balcony. Don't do this day so that fur does not fade in the sun. 6. Make sure that the fur had an unpleasant smell. Don't forget to clean the product to air it on the balcony during the week and keep it in the case with an open bag containing ground coffee beans. You can use the sachet with aromatic oils. 7. Should not be applied to fur toilet water or deodorant. Try not to carry the bag on placepot: Depositphotos 8. Train yourself not to hang on the shoulder bag when wearing a piece of fur. 9. In case of damage to the coats do not attempt to correct the defect in the home with the help of improvised materials, so you can only worsen the condition of the product. Better seek help from a specialist. 10. Do not get involved in people's care clothes with natural fur. Too great a risk to harm the product. Use dry cleaning. 11. Light pollution eliminate using scraps of dampened with soapy water. Do not RUB against the growth of fur, try not to wet the membrane, at the end of the procedure don't forget to wipe washed away the dry wipes. 12. Always wear under a coat a scarf or handkerchief to fur is not in contact with the skin of the neck and chin. Sweat can ruin the leather, and stains left by creams and powder, poorly excreted, even in dry cleaning. 13. To rid fur from dust, not push it, better to use a vacuum cleaner with the ability to adjust mode (choose the minimum suction power). Photo: Depositphotos 14. Not every fur should be brushed. For dense long-pile fur, use a slicker, purchased at a pet store (must be humanhistory on the tips of the teeth), and a short -, plucked and sheared fur better comb brush with natural bristles. Avoid sudden movements, do not push hard on the brush. Try to resort to this procedure as seldom as possible. Curly fur comb undesirable. 15. One should not comb wet fur. The thing will quickly lose the form. Adherence to these simple tips will help to preserve the beauty of your coat for a long time. Care for fur things carefully. Good care — the key to "longevity" expensive things. ...

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