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Review of the film "Power" Reviews 20.02.2019 at 04:00

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The power of the Campaign of dick Cheney, the Vice-President of the USA under Bush the younger; the new "smart heat" from Adam McKay.

"This is the most true story" - pre-warn us the filmmakers, stating that they "did everything they could" given the fact that the object of their attention has a surprising and usually not inherent to world leaders by stealth. The White house chief of staff under Ford, member of the house of representatives in the early ' 80s, Secretary of defense under Bush senior and Vice-President under Bush the younger for his years of service authorities the hero of this film have achieved a situation in which few people have ever been. Dick Cheney "has forever changed the situation" – but for the majority, who had no idea who he is and where he came from, remained a sort of Ghost, or dark horse, or grey Eminence of American politics is zero. My intention is to help us understand who ruled America after the 11th of September 2001.

"What's he to Hecuba? He Hecuba?" - asks hamlet, watching the sobbing actor, and here you catch yourself almost the same: we dick Cheney, who cares?.. Moreover, that figure has already been published (as might seem) of current news and many probably forgotten, and even our far from us and alien to us; which in Russia can be interest in it, here with his "the shadow towers"...

However, "Power" is quite remarkable movie including for us – if only because a similar movie about our politicians, and we never wait (for the foreseeable future – exactly). I asked the question, "how man becomes such as he is," Adam McKay - he's the Director and script writer – again, as in his previous "shorting", shovel the mountain of documents in order to give very concentrated distillation of indisputable facts, mixed with speculation quite reliable. And in the end creates the maximum convex portrait of a man, who in his youth was kicked out for drinking out of Yale – and who decades later was able to deceive the whole world, forcing not only subject him to the United States to invade a sovereign country for no good reason.

While McKay (turning at some point, even on a Shakespearean syllable) depicts the harsh satire, as he tried to make Oliver stone (dick Cheney in "the Bush" played by Richard Dreyfuss). Its principle is tested in the same "Game", awarded the "Oscar" for best adapted screenplay - to explain the complex easy, literally on the fingers. Here as the most clear examples are in the course of chips and cards in Monopoly, placed one on each of the fragile cups and saucers and fishing with her fishing rods, jigs and main rule: quietly, slowly, but pick up on the hook the fish. This created a false impression that "Power" is a Comedy (Golden globe, for example, got on it), but if it's a Comedy and that special sense. It's about cunning and idiots in politics, perhaps, equally – and that change our lives for the sake not so much the ideas of justice, how their own ambitions. It is not particularly funny if you remember that Cheney has been on the top of the food chain for eight years, both term of George W. Bush.

"the Vice President is an empty space - like the hero's wife, literally lifted it once to his feet. Vice President just sits and waits, when the President dies, you said so yourself". But Cheney, as the film turned out to be for America and for the world more than just another No. 2 – in fact, it was his submission formed the now banned all ISIS and it covered the facts practiced by the security services of torture by the phrase "the Geneva Convention is open to interpretation". Showing President Frank idiot (that McKay is not the first, everyone knows that "George is the black sheep in the herd"), directed by a simple quote from "Citizen Kane" emphasizes, who was then the real master of the White house.

But again, this is dick Cheney we – and especially today?.. Enough, perhaps, just one example of his "science": uncomfortable clause in the law it is quite possible to be misunderstood, just achieving it rename. A rule that has retroactive effect – and we have works fine with the so-called "pension reform", which the commentators on the words trying to avoid the most slippery and all obvious points. "Power" shows that all these tricks have long been known – politicians just shuffle them however you see fit, from time to time changing one marked deck to the other.

At the beginning of his film by Adam McKay inserts a familiar, probably, if not all, then many photos showing either a complete disregard for safety rules, or cold indifference to the natural elements, whether the infinite human courage two steps from imminent disaster (or incredible stupidity - but it depends on how you look at it): here, the golfers in the background of the raging forest fire, so a man mows the grass, oblivious to the approaching tornado. Unwillingness to realize the trouble that is already knocking at the door, in principle, peculiar to man – and so the Americans blew dick Cheney, who hid in the house with dirty shoes and not bothering about decency. But history, as we know, teaches nothing and get a special kind of pleasure from the fact that once again stepping on the same rake.

And do not say that we, of course, things work differently.

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