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A review of the animated film "How to train your dragon 3" Reviews 22.02.2019 at 04:15

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Toothless meets a friend; the final Chapter of a remarkable cycle.

All the Vikings you know: "the more on our dragon island, the more hunters around." The new danger is one of Grimmel, dislike Night Furies and Hiccup decides to go in search of a new island – a mythical Secret world, where everyone is sure to be happiness.

Released nine years ago first movie the future trilogy had a strange charm: he was a little rough like that just visually different from its impeccably glossy Pisarevsky projects. Besides, he is extremely successfully picked up a running "avatar" world fashion for the dragons, and to some extent anticipated the next round of General interest to the Vikings; it was a very good and promising start.

the Third series any visual flaws seem to be devoid of – and in some scenes even more like the picture of Cameron. It is impossible not to admit that this is a very beautiful cartoon filled with besides, supposing rapturous contemplation of dumb scenes in this film of pure water, comparable with the ocean of expressiveness.

the scene from the animated film "How to train your dragon 3"

Another thing is that the film somehow turned out not very exciting. In fact, it's all built on a single – voiced and loud - principle: "Dragons. A lot of the dragons." And this, of course, extremely cool principle (and flights, again, there is absolutely magical), but I want fucking something else!.. What the writers of this cartoon nasnodename the viewer in an obvious way is not enough!..

Although the first hint of something big seems to be enough. "Once you get involved in a battle can not win," - warn the hero; well, approx. the same Age as Hiccup vengeance drove to his mother – perhaps too much for the kids ' party, but what do here - quite in the spirit of the time. Especially as the youngest leader of the hard (and if against his will) push for the wedding of Astrid and jokes on this subject, then not so little... it would Seem that there is, fashion history – though a Comedy, even drama, however... All his attention is thrown to the lyrical line favorite, probably all the dragon Toothless, met here related the Day's Fury – and it somehow seems that the audience of this truly toothless story is more than enough.

There is, however, the message "You're nothing without your dragon" - implying the most convincing proof to the contrary. But the fact is the whole bitterness of this franchise: without a dragon to watch "How to train your dragon" would be weird.

as fun I would like to note how remarkably similar the antagonist, Grimmel on our Igor Jijikine - well, just exactly like! (Although in the same way, probably, it reminds the Americans F. Murray Abraham - the legendary Salieri from "Amadeus", who voiced the character in the original version.) Spectacular action here adds a fire sword Hiccup (I want a and you want!), and lingering in the hall waiting for a very fun game with the final credits, where the Vikings briefly but succinctly "submit" to create the tape technical departments (like mounting and light)...

But in General will not undertake to say that the ending of the trilogy turned out definitely flawless: yeah, everything's fine, everything seems to be at the highest level - but the heart is not happy, the heart is cold. Something is missing – probably the very magic from which are woven the authentic masterpieces which was shown in this story is that nine years ago, far away.

the scene from the animated film "How to train your dragon 3"

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