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Who are eligible for a free privatization of the suburban area

Question - answer - Legal advice 27.02.2019 at 17:06

Question - answer - Legal advice


for truckers clarification made Judicial Board on civil cases of the

the Supreme court, when the learned dispute of one summer resident from St. Petersburg

officials. Citizen owned a plot in the garden Association, which

existed since Soviet times, but then private ownership of

the land was not. Now a citizen asked to register on her free

weave, which is rightfully considered his. District court with her arguments -

what is to be done, agreed. The city court is the decision

canceled, denying the lady entirely. The woman reached the Supreme

court and there, with its arguments agreed.

it All began with a lawsuit

citizen by the Committee of property relations of St. Petersburg. In the lawsuit

was a request for a free transfer to the property of her land in the garden

non-profit Association - SNT. In court, the woman said that she

a member of this Association. And the SNT is the successor of the once

existing vegetable Association. It was born in 1988

year after the decision of the regional Council of deputies was then still Leningrad.

the Cottagers were looking for land "for the cultivation of fruit plants without

the right of erection of buildings". The ground workers of large enterprises was given in

lease for five years under the collective gardens. In our time

the partnership was reorganized into the CHT, has registered the new Charter,

the administration of the district entered into the partnership with a short-term contract

the lease of the site. This agreement shall be deemed extended for an indefinite period

and is valid until today.

the Plaintiff explained in court

their demand is to have her as a member of the CHT, the land of the free. [Newline] the partnership was formed before the entry into force in 1998 of the Law "On

the horticultural, gardening and dacha non-profit associations

citizens." Therefore, she "has the right to privatize" their acres in a

in accordance with this law. The district court's arguments are acknowledged and the claim

satisfied. The appeal to the city court quashed the decision itself

took a new - to deny the claim.