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Wooden planters

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Wooden planters

to enhance the beauty of the flowers growing in the garden or on the balcony, you need to give them a spectacular pots. But a ceramic or plastic containers has long been no interest, what can not be said about the wooden tubs. If you want to find high-quality and attractive wooden planters for flowers, you are making the right choice. In addition to its functionality, these tubs are pleased with their performance, as well as environmental cleanliness.

the modern market presents a wide range of tubs made of wood. You will be able to fix his attention on the option that will suit you in size, shapes, colors, decorative trim and other parameters. Particularly unusual and stylish look planters made from wooden barrels – they are becoming more popular every year. The beauty of this model is that it looks equally well in the interior of a city apartment and in the garden of a country house and even in public areas such as restaurants, hotels, medical centers, beauty salons, etc.

Planter made of wood – is the perfect choice for those who love to plant flowers and looking for them appropriate setting.

Wooden planters in the design of a country house and adjoining territory

Garden full of flowers, is an integral part of a country house. If you take care of the plants and competently approach to their placement, you should choose wooden planters. With their help, the flowers can easily be moved around the local area and, if necessary, to clean the room. Size tubs should come plant some flowers for small pots, others will need to choose pretty impressive size.

you can Also experiment with forms. Planters can be rectangular, polygonal, square, round and made out of the barrels and the half-roll of various sizes. You can either pick up all containers of the same shape in the same or different sizes or decorate the garden with pots of different shapes and sizes.

of course, neither plastic nor ceramic pots can not be compared with planters made of wood in its showiness. That is why many owners of country houses are betting on originality, deciding to buy wooden planters. After looking at numerous photos of wooden planters online, you will be able to decide what option would be preferable for you.

Wooden planters for urban apartments

to make the interior perfect, should pay close attention to even the smallest details, not to mention the design of houseplants. The best solution is to buy a wooden planter for flowers. Especially stylish in tubs look great, the flowers and plants that are in perfect harmony with natural wood tubs. Place the planter in any room, on the floor, on the table, on the windowsill and other surfaces.

to enhance the beauty of the room design, try to give preference to tubs that blend with the interior. The color of the wood may overlap with the shade of furniture, pictures on the tubs – with the patterns on the curtains, etc As a rule, the area of a city apartment is not too big, so you should give preference to small or medium pots and large to put on the floor in those areas, the size of which allows you to install such décor.

a Wooden planter is an original and impressive gift

If you are looking for a gift that will delight any lover of flowers, and here you can't find an option preferable to wooden planters. The barrel is made of natural wood is a valuable and original gift that is sure to delight the recipient. Choose products from trusted manufacturers that combine high quality and attractive design of its products.

to Select the size planter for a gift is not difficult – just imagine how it will look in the interior of the apartment or house. If planters will be located on the local area, the choice of size is practically unlimited – you can consider the option, consisting of several tanks connected together, the model for climbing plants, stylish pots from the barrel with the logo of a popular brand of whiskey, etc. As you can see, the options are many, so to pick will be difficult.

If the gift is for the apartment, it is better to buy a small compact pots – it can be put on the windowsill, on the coffee table, on the surface of the wall where it will not take up much space, but in seconds will transform the room.

Be sure such a gift will not go unnoticed, and will soon become one of the most favorite interior parts, because it fits to the interior of virtually any style.

High quality – the key to long life pots of wood

when Buying any thing from natural wood of course, you expect that it will have a long service life. And, naturally, this fully applies to the pots of oak. Our company is engaged in manufacturing a truly strong, sturdy and durable planters that can last for many years, demanding a minimum of care. It doesn't matter if the barrel is to operate outdoors or indoors over a long period of time will be equally functional, beautiful and stylish, as well as on the day of purchase.

the finest selected wood, the skills of each employee, knowing the secrets of wood processing – all this allows us to guarantee excellent quality of pots that you will be satisfied. Now your flowers or plants in the garden will look just fine – after all, natural wood, from which made pots, blends harmoniously with any type of vegetation, be it a flower, Bush, tree, edible greens or anything else. In addition, the tree is completely eco-friendly, which is important for people who value their safety and closeness to nature that is often lacking in everyday life.