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The Series "the mortgage or the lives of Anna Dubrovskaya" themes of the day 26.02.2019 at 21:06

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Mortgage Explorer Anna DUBROVSKAYA "marked" for 2.5 years, and refinancing is just over a year. Why the first was easier to live than with the other?

hi All. A year without news about me and my mortgage. And you probably think that everything is very bad? As it is not so! Blame it. But not without incident.

will Remind, in July of 2016, I have a mortgage, and in December of 2017 have already refinanced.

First, let's deal with the numbers

In the course of refinancing my loan rate has declined from 13.5% to 9.25% per annum and the monthly payment was reduced from 50 thousand to 38 thousand. However, in fact, I increased his 12 month loan term, because in 2016, has applied for a mortgage for 15 years, and during refinancing again set the "bar" in 15 years — to reduce monthly payments. But for me it's not fundamental change, because I anyway plan to repay the mortgage early (and already started). For this reason, in refinancing, I reduced exactly the amount of the payment, not the term of the loan.

cannot fail to note that, during the whole procedure of registration of refinancing, I'm at least five times wanted to give up this idea. And here's why.

the first Reason — lack of interest of banks

In its "skin" I distinctly felt: if you desire to get a mortgage credit managers chasing after you, when you refinance FROM you. The same stars, whether I was so lucky, but I literally dropped the phone banks to get what they want. And I am constantly "moving" between the managers.

In the Bank, where I took a mortgage, I was offered a rate reduction of only two percentage points. Being "adept" hearing many stories of friends about the difficult process of refinancing, in such a condition I did not agree. Especially as mortgage rates at the time approached the level of 10-10,5% per annum.

In the end, I was looking for "their" Bank to refinance two months, but I needed it tried to carry out much longer.

the second Reason — too long a process

From the time of the initial filing of the application to refinance in a particular chosen Bank before the transaction took me almost half a year. I believe this very much. It is important to note that this term applies only to "ordeal" with your chosen Bank refinancing. Before him, I ran for several credit institutions, ensuring them at least the approximate conditions that they were willing to offer me.

First, the "refinancing" Bank assigned me a personal Manager. With him I spent a month figuring out different parts and collect a number of documents. During this time, the first Manager resigned, and to appoint another in his stead for some reason it was impossible without some "compound" processes.

First, I caught through the call center of at least one person who took up my problem. Then my application for refinancing was trying to get into the database again as a primary (spoiler: it was not possible due to the presence of not cancelled the previous orders). Then there was an attempt to convey an existing application for my name to another Manager, but inexplicably it was all about retired Manager.

Thus, only one correct school me and my requests to the database took more than a month (it was the second month trying to refinance).

the third Reason — the incompetence of the mortgage managers

a long and painful process was associated, in my opinion, not only with the features used by the Bank IT solutions (about which I will tell separately), but with the incompetence of some employees.

Not all, but many Bank employees-"refinancint" gave me inaccurate or downright wrong information about the conditions of the future transaction. This applies both to the tellers at the call center, and mortgage managers. One such error I even had some time after refinancing to make the monthly payment more than it was before the refinancing.

Friends of the Bank in informal conversation told me that the problem is specifically in this credit institution was in a large turnover, and the departure of several experts in the months that coincided with my refinancing. But it certainly does not help.

the reason for the fourth psychological pressure

the Very existence of the mortgage even in the first year not weighed on me psychologically, as the refinancing process. Of course, when I took the mortgage, helped me in many ways to "experience" her parents, mortgage experience which I watched several years, and the realtor, who took over a large part of the necessary legwork. But not only that.

and Expressed a desire to refinance, I always had to put each individual stage in some vaguely designated time. Different managers called a different content of documents and the different end dates, to which I had to provide these documents first to the Bank, and then in the MFC. "Thanks" to this mess one document I had to completely redo (certificate of no current delay), the other to take over again (reference the outstanding balance on the current date), and the third and all were not needed, even though I designed it and spent the money (a notarized statement of no marriage). How many times I had to go to your former Bank-the lender and how many letters I wrote to present to the lending Bank won't even remember. Especially "pleased" that the second they gave me the number to my personal Manager, which to him it was impossible to get through (and even operational issues in a letter to the Manager might not respond for hours).

the Reason for the fifth Is fecit cui prodest...

...or, speaking in Russian, "look who benefits". My deal on refinancing the loan took place almost a week before the New year. Several times I clarified with the Bank managers if I have time in the holidays to file in MFC all the necessary documents, and all the managers assured me that Yes. Moreover, he said that in the new year, i.e. in January, I will have to submit all the documents again, if I'm not out a deal right now. It is noteworthy, that his managers refused.

In the end, I was again misled (which I will write in detail next time), because of which I lost many nerve cells and a few thousand rubles.

Friends, who previously worked at the Bank then told me that some mortgage managers simply had to carry out several transactions up to the end of the year to close are approved for their management plans. As they say: for what bought, for and sell. To know the true cause of the actions of the managers is not possible, but sounded very much like the truth.

But about how I "got burned" on the responses of managers and mortgage confused mortgage documents, we will discuss in the next episode (I promise that the year will not have to wait). And as a bonus for the fact that all of these series, you with me, still I will give you all of my mortgage banks.

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