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PHOTO of the DAY 03.03.2019 at 17:50 -

13.08.1964, stead, Nevada (USA) | Group of NASA astronauts during training for survival in the desert.

I Love these photos. Guys like looking into their future. And it they is (left to right):

Frank Borman — in 1965, flies to "Gemini-7" (14 days, record the duration until 1970) and in 1968 become the commander of the crew of "Apollo 8", the first to orbit the moon. That was a very risky mission, because of the "lunar race" with the Soviet Union, NASA was in a hurry and the ship was sent with an overall layout of the lunar module. If the main engine "Apollo" was not involved in lunar orbit, the astronauts would not have returned.

Neil Armstrong as the first man to set foot on the moon, he will be world famous, but before that, in 1966, he'll fly to "Gemini-8" and almost die in orbit along with David Scott because of a hardware malfunction.

John young — astronaut unique. The first and only person who drove the spacecraft into four different types — "Gemini", command module "Apollo-10", the lunar module of "Apollo 16" and "Shuttle". Six space flights, two flights to the moon(!) and landing on her. Yang does not know that in 1972, will be worn on the lunar hills on trolley with electric motor. Did not realize that in 1981 would become the first commander of the space Shuttle Columbia (STS-1) and open the era of flight on the Shuttle. The fantastic fate of a man, incredible!

Deke Slayton — the pilot of the Second world war, fought in Europe. Was in the astronaut corps and was waiting for his flight 16 years! In 1975 at the age of 51 was found in orbit with Soviet cosmonauts during the historic flight of "Soyuz – Apollo".

Look again at the photo — now you know that these Jedi found.

out Of all four now alive only Frank Borman — he was already 90.

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