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Housing guarantee combat veterans

Legal aid 25.02.2019 at 11:03

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Currently, one of the grounds for removal from housing accounting is the provision of land for construction of residential house with the exception of applicants with three or more children. While combat veterans have risen on the housing account to 01.03.2005 G. have the right to improve their living conditions through the provision of land for construction of residential houses. In the case of land claimants - combat veterans are removed from the housing register. However, veterans of combat actions in this case deprived high social support to improve housing conditions in force of the Federal law "On veterans". The draft Federal law "On amendments to article 56 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation" proposes to establish the rule that combat veterans who stood on the account in need of better housing conditions until January 1, 2005, along with the citizens having three and more children not be removed from the account as needing the premises in the case of the provision from a public authority or local government land (excluding garden land) for construction of a house.