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The installation of the analyzers at the expense of contributions for capital repairs

Legal aid 26.02.2019 at 08:35

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Annually from explosions of household gas have died and suffered dozens of people. The biggest disaster connected with explosion of household gas in the last few years happened in Volgograd on 20.12.2015 – 5 people were killed in the Yaroslavl 16.02.2016 g – 7 people were killed, including 2 children, in Ryazan 23.10.2016 G. – killed 7 people in Izhevsk 09.11.2017 g – 7 people were killed, in Magnitogorsk 31.12.2018 g. – killed 39 people. At the same time, unfortunately, every year the statistics are not changing in a positive way. The main causes of explosions of household gas associated with the improper maintenance of gas equipment, late replacement or repair, and human factors (unauthorized connection to domestic gas, the indiscretion of the citizens when using the gas equipment, the suicidal actions of citizens). Thus, error, neglect, lack of funds on the installation of new gas equipment in the apartment of one person leads to many deaths live in the same apartment building of people. Audits of in-house gas equipment, contracts for maintenance of gas equipment inside is only partially contributes to the solution of the problem of explosions of household gas in a residential premises located in apartment buildings supplied with gas, allowing time to identify a malfunction of the gas equipment and correct it by repair or replacement of this equipment. However, this does not solve the problem of domestic gas explosions related to human factors.

the Extra financial burden for the installation of the automated system control to ensure gas safety for the majority of owners – individuals is unsustainable. Thus today, in the framework of the capital repair of common property in an apartment house performed work only on repair of intrahouse engineering systems of gas supply. In this regard, the Draft Federal law "On amendments to article 166 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation" is proposed to include paying for the installation of the automated system control to ensure gas safety at the expense contributions for major repairs.